#dailymission on April 24, 2012

What do you do to mentally prep for a race?

  1. #dailymission: What is the longest you have ridden your bike inside? What about outside?
    Ummm ... I don't have a bike. I finally threw away the bike I had since I was 12 this year. One of the ... read more

  2. #dailymission - What do you do to mentally prep for a race? I try to learn as much as I can about the race and the conditions I should expect. It's much easier to handle tough conditions when ... read more

  3. #dailymission: if you listen to music, share your top three favorite "power" songs.
    Nope, not a music person.

    • Nicolette M.
      Nicolette M.

      I wanted to update you on my friend she was having PVCs which I guess can happen and are nothing to worry about so I just wanted to tell you :-)

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    • Jennifer M.
      Jennifer M.

      thanks - just got my monitor today. i am refusing to wear it during my 50k this weekend, tho ;)

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    • Nicolette M.
      Nicolette M.

      yea that would be way too much to deal with probably a good idea! good luck!

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  4. #dailymission I study the coarse map and determine the strategic drop off point; get to the front of the field; look the Kenyans in the eye and ask, "are you ready?"

  5. #dailymission...I just show up and look at it as yet another of my daily runs...only I get to do it with other people....which I really enjoy.

  6. #dailymission: What do you do to mentally prep for a race?
    pretend every long run is the end of the race. i try to envision keeping my form together and finishing strong!

  7. #dailymission: I put on a smile and know that I'm going to come across the finish line with absolutely NOTHING in my tank.

  8. #dailymission "What do you do to mentally prep for a race?" Before any running race I tell myself I am going to finish (as with any run). I have a prepackaged mental 'videos' o... read more

  9. #dailymission - I try to get there fairly early if it is anything from a 5-miler to 13.1 so I can take my time, get in some walking, stretching, wondering aimlessly and, if need be have time for a ... read more

    • Larry

      I often "wonder" aimlessly.

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    • Rob F.
      Rob F.

      I'm really looking forward to the Margarita's run - hope to see you there!

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    • Rick F.
      Rick F.

      Next on my schedule is 5/13 too, should be a fun meetup. With Bear Brook on my mind, I tell myself I'm not going to push my time, but I told myself that when ran the Shamrock Shuffle coming off my 10M long run in prep for Great Bay and had a great race, so who knows. I'm doing Hoppin mad mud run on 5/20.

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  10. I get a picture in my head of me running a good pace. Most importantly, I think about how awesome I'll feel afterward, and how good that first post-race beer will taste!#dailymission

    • Gene B.
      Gene B.

      Beer is good, except Double IPA's the night before a 5K. I'm finally recovered!

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    • Peggy B.
      Peggy B.

      Yeh - We won't be doing that again! It didn't hurt our pace, but it sure hurt the folks around us :-) !

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  11. #dailymission What do you do to mentally prep for a race? I eat jalapenos and other miscellaneous spicy foods before my long runs. Breathing fire for miles on end makes me feel like a dragon and le... read more

  12. #dailymission Eat pizza, drink copious glasses of red wine and fart my way round.

  13. #dailymission I go through this little ritual of, "I can't run this barefoot!" and ask my husband to give me my shoes back. Then I pull one shoe on, hesitate, and hand them back to s... read more

    • Chris G.
      Chris G.

      it burrrrrrnnnnnnssssss

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    • Mary

      Bystander: Do I smell bacon?
      Barefoot runner on an unseasonably warm Denver Spring day: No, that's my feet.

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  14. #dailymission - What do you do to mentally prep for a race? I tell myself that it's just another run. Nothing special about it. Of course... nerves and adrenaline always take over last minu... read more

  15. #dailymission What do you do to mentally prep for a race? Try to tell myself its not about the shiny medal I hope to get at the end (for placing in my age-group); but who am I kidding? (sidebar: ... read more