#dailymission on April 24, 2012

What do you do to mentally prep for a race?

  1. #dailymission: What is the longest you have ridden your bike inside? What about outside?
    Ummm ... I don't have a bike. I finally threw away the bike I had since I was 12 this year. One of the ... read more

  2. #dailymission - What do you do to mentally prep for a race? I try to learn as much as I can about the race and the conditions I should expect. It's much easier to handle tough conditions when ... read more

  3. #dailymission: if you listen to music, share your top three favorite "power" songs.
    Nope, not a music person.

    • Nicolette M.
      Nicolette M.

      I wanted to update you on my friend she was having PVCs which I guess can happen and are nothing to worry about so I just wanted to tell you :-)

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    • Jennifer M.
      Jennifer M.

      thanks - just got my monitor today. i am refusing to wear it during my 50k this weekend, tho ;)

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    • Nicolette M.
      Nicolette M.

      yea that would be way too much to deal with probably a good idea! good luck!

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  4. #dailymission
    I study the course map, plan for the needs of nutrition and hydration control, check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Plus doing some math by plotting the pace for differen... read more

  5. #dailymission - you mean I'm supposed to think about this stuff?
    Like Bo said, "Just do it."
    Like Snoop said, "study long, study wrong"
    Like I said, "which way to... read more

  6. #dailymission I study the coarse map and determine the strategic drop off point; get to the front of the field; look the Kenyans in the eye and ask, "are you ready?"

  7. #dailymission...I just show up and look at it as yet another of my daily runs...only I get to do it with other people....which I really enjoy.

  8. #dailymission: What do you do to mentally prep for a race?
    pretend every long run is the end of the race. i try to envision keeping my form together and finishing strong!

  9. #dailymission: I put on a smile and know that I'm going to come across the finish line with absolutely NOTHING in my tank.

  10. #dailymission "What do you do to mentally prep for a race?" Before any running race I tell myself I am going to finish (as with any run). I have a prepackaged mental 'videos' o... read more

  11. #dailymission - I try to get there fairly early if it is anything from a 5-miler to 13.1 so I can take my time, get in some walking, stretching, wondering aimlessly and, if need be have time for a ... read more

    • Larry

      I often "wonder" aimlessly.

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    • Rob F.
      Rob F.

      I'm really looking forward to the Margarita's run - hope to see you there!

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    • Rick F.
      Rick F.

      Next on my schedule is 5/13 too, should be a fun meetup. With Bear Brook on my mind, I tell myself I'm not going to push my time, but I told myself that when ran the Shamrock Shuffle coming off my 10M long run in prep for Great Bay and had a great race, so who knows. I'm doing Hoppin mad mud run on 5/20.

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  12. I get a picture in my head of me running a good pace. Most importantly, I think about how awesome I'll feel afterward, and how good that first post-race beer will taste!#dailymission

    • Gene B.
      Gene B.

      Beer is good, except Double IPA's the night before a 5K. I'm finally recovered!

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    • Peggy B.
      Peggy B.

      Yeh - We won't be doing that again! It didn't hurt our pace, but it sure hurt the folks around us :-) !

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  13. #dailymission What do you do to mentally prep for a race? For a middle (at best) of the pack age grouper probably too much. I preview and stydy the course, ride it if possible, make notes, plan f... read more

    • Roy P.
      Roy P.

      I have the same approach as you Steve, but, by the time I go to sleep the night before, I'm ready for the ad-hoc adventure each event will turn out to be. With age and confidence, there should be a strong attitude of "Ya gotta go with what ya got". Carl Von Clausewitz said, "the first casualty of war is the plan", and that applies to most things that require planning. The more ways you test yourself, the greater your confidence grows. After learning to fly, and then learning aerobatic flying, SCUBA diving

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    • Roy P.
      Roy P.

      ...was cake. I got invited to every private SCUBA excursion in town, and except for cave diving, did most of them. People are attracted to confidence.

      Events shouldn't be a stress-fest. Stress tightens up opposing muscles, elevates your HR to no benefit, and fogs your mind. It's best to relax, and invite fate to take it's best shot, confident that you'll give a good account of yourself, no matter what happens. Isn't that a big part of why we do these things?

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    • Lynn G.
      Lynn G.


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  14. #dailymission What do you do to mentally prep for a race? I eat jalapenos and other miscellaneous spicy foods before my long runs. Breathing fire for miles on end makes me feel like a dragon and le... read more

  15. #dailymission Eat pizza, drink copious glasses of red wine and fart my way round.

  16. #dailymission I go through this little ritual of, "I can't run this barefoot!" and ask my husband to give me my shoes back. Then I pull one shoe on, hesitate, and hand them back to s... read more

    • Chris G.
      Chris G.

      it burrrrrrnnnnnnssssss

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    • Mary

      Bystander: Do I smell bacon?
      Barefoot runner on an unseasonably warm Denver Spring day: No, that's my feet.

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  17. #dailymission - What do you do to mentally prep for a race? I tell myself that it's just another run. Nothing special about it. Of course... nerves and adrenaline always take over last minu... read more

  18. #dailymission What do you do to mentally prep for a race? Don't think about it and focus on stressing out about work. Having my mind elsewhere leaves no time to be worried about a silly rac... read more

    • Christie

      Just a tiny 100 miler is all.... No wonder you aren't worried.

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    • Alan G
      Alan G

      Get back to work!

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    • Christena K.
      Christena K.

      You are gonna own at that 100 miler.

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    • Les A.
      Les A.

      I have mini panic attacks! Some self-talk like, "Why did you get yourself into this?" Fear of failure feelings. Then I tell myself, you are doing this to have some fun and feelings of fulfillment! Ryan you have worked hard, go enjoy the rewards of your labor!

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