#dailymission on August 17, 2012

What one word best describes how cycling makes you feel?

  1. #dailymission How does cycling make me feel? ROCK AND ROLL! (When I go fast that is)

  2. #dailymission Expensive

  3. #dailymission lazy

  4. #dailymission Irritable. Leisurely biking on bike paths is a different story.

  5. #dailymission "What one word best describes how cycling makes you feel?" Frustrated...I don't cycle but we have avid road cyclists in my area. The 'share the road' signs o... read more

    • Kevan E.
      Kevan E.

      Feel the same about the horse riders in my area that come down the lanes were I live two abreast crossing onto my lane and expecting me to slow. But hey, guess thats just the world all over. Not the bike or the horse, just the rider.

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    • Roxane B.
      Roxane B.

      Very true, Kevan! Some people are certainly living in an "it's all about me" world and they probably won't change unless something drastic happens to them. Riders at my barn occasionally went on the road...but I don't think any have since a recent incident at a nearby barn resulted in both the horse and rider being killed. As a driver dealing with horse-and-rider pairs, it must be even more frustrating for you, since you probably can't/won't honk your horn for fear of startling the horse.

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  6. #dailymission ZOMGMYLADYPARTSHURT!

    • Judy

      hang in there Bonnie

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    • Bonnie

      It's just cycling. If I'd finally get off my butt (lolz) & buy some real cycling pants, it wouldn't be so bad. But somehow, I always end up wearing shorts that are too short & get chafed in all manner of unmentionable places. My own fault, of course.

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  7. #dailymission ROCK N ROLL. I used to have a great relationship with biking. I was 16 and used to ride from Big Rapids up to Reed City, Michigan. 25 miles round trip. I would listen to the classic r... read more

  8. #dailymission Fearless!

  9. #dailymission STRONG!

  10. #dailymission "What one word best describes how cycling makes you feel?" Young. [I loved biking as a kid. Brings back great memories]

  11. #dailymission

    It's one word because I hyphenated it.

  12. #dailymission

  13. #dailymission Violated.

  14. #dailymission TOUGH. I am not very good at it, but I feel accomplished every time I make it up a steep hill.

  15. #dailymission What one word best describes how cycling makes you feel? hopeless.