#dailymission on June 03, 2012

Do you prefer riding your bike in the pack or solo?

  1. #dailymission Solo. go at my pace (whether faster or slower than others), hate getting clogged up in a group, and I get nervous of crashing being close to other cyclists

  2. #dailymission solo, on the trail, with music.

  3. #dailymission I only like mountain biking on a single track with a friend or two...and lots of wildlife.

  4. #dailymission - Do you prefer riding your bike in the pack or solo? Both! I love the rush of speed in the pack, but like determining my own pace solo.

    • Dale T.
      Dale T.

      I'm solo all the way :)

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    • Philip B.
      Philip B.

      Same here. I do 95% of my riding alone and do enough that I guess I love it. But, riding in a fast pack is so cool.

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    • Jim M.
      Jim M.

      So far I have only rode with others once. I liked it because I felt safer, like cars were paying more attention to the band of bikes on the rode (it might help push me a litte too). But I love my solo time as it is my quiet time and also I can set my own pace.

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  5. #dailymission I like riding by myself. I always ride by myself. I enjoy if I come across other riders. And I ride in a group today that was fun too.

  6. #dailymission Generally by my lonesome.....I have trouble playing nice with others

  7. #dailymission Pack. Everyday. It's easier, there are people to talk to, it keeps your bike handling skills sharp. There are few things like the hum of a peloton flying around at 25+ mph or the... read more

  8. #dailymission Solo....All by my lonesome self....

  9. #dailymission Umm give me the pack. Much easier.

  10. #dailymission have never been on a group ride, hope to do so in the future. So it's solo by default.

  11. #dailymission Do you prefer riding your bike in the pack or solo?
    I don't have any experience with this but I'm going to guess pack since I would much rather run in a pack than solo.

    • Linda

      I'd say solo. I don't bike enough to have straight line maneuvering so I'm always worried about crashing or having someone crash into me. It hurts a lot worse falling off a bike than when running because of the faster speed.

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    • Erich R.
      Erich R.

      I like to ride my bike with my very best buds. Sometimes we hit the park and do some sweet jumps. In the neighborhood we ramp the curbs when chicks are around. Sometimes we can take them for a spin on the pegs.

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