#dailymission on May 31, 2012

How much can you bench press?

  1. #dailymission "How much can you bench press?" Don't know, and to be frank, I can't imagine why it would matter. :)

    • Keath L.
      Keath L.

      You never know when some meat head in a bar might demand you answer this question before he demonstrates that he can bench press you. On the other hand, you do a lot of martial arts, so maybe it still doesn't matter?

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  2. #dailymission How much can you bench press?
    Before I started running again and was 15lbs heavier and lifting 3-5x a week, I managed 185lbs. Now I think I'd be lucky to do 150.

  3. #dailymission my max was 120 in college....I have long arms alright! don't judge :)

  4. #dailymission a cupcake, maybe two if I'm really feeling it, in each hand

  5. #dailymission How much can you bench press? Is that like a French press? Because if it has to do with coffee, it's a sh*t ton! If it has to do with lifting stuff, then I guess it depends how ... read more

    • Lauren

      I think they mean how much can you order at the bar when you sit in bench seats

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  6. #dailymission maybe the bar, as long as the collars aren't on it !

  7. #dailymission Haven't worked the bench press in a while but my PR is 85lb.

  8. #dailymission probably the bar. maybe less.

  9. #dailymission Seriously, you didn't think I'd actually reveal my max bench press, did you? I keep that answer more secure than my birthdate and SSN, which is 555-04-3845. Oh, maybe I shou... read more

  10. #dailymission How much can you bench press?
    I wonder how much my 3 year old weighs now...

  11. #dailymission How much can you bench press? I don't know, how much does a three-year-old weigh?

    • Carol S.
      Carol S.

      A 3 yr old is a built in workout, the best kind; but a workout :)

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    • Mark E.
      Mark E.

      It depends on how much sugar you feed them! ;)

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    • Tin

      My one-rep max is 80#, I can do 5 reps of 70# I'm told my goal is 100# (maybe I should get back in the gym if I hope to accomplish that!!)

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  12. #dailymission Probably just the bar. Planning to start weight training once I trail off on cycling in the fall.

  13. #dailymission How much can you bench press? about 350 :) maybe 400

    • Azaka R.
      Azaka R.

      Whaaaat?!!!! Really?! That's crazayyyy! Super awesome!! I though my 180lbs was super heavy!

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    • Raymond T.
      Raymond T.

      i lift 320 in the sitting posistion overhead..you know 10x2.. the bench machine maxes out at 280... 10x2 you know this ;). im a construction worker.. im susposed to be strong. and you are strong also. (yea i weigh 145 tho)

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    • Azaka R.
      Azaka R.

      I know!! I think of your weight and height!! Wow!! Freaking awesome!! I have 10lbs on u, yes strong but not as strong as you!! Impressive!! I push more then 180 in sitting or leaning back position but not over 300!!! No way!!

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  14. #dailymission i could probably bench press my doggie. she weights 55lbs. otherwise, i am afriad of dropping the bar on my larynx.

  15. #dailymission AT LEAST the bar, if not more! Seriously though, I'm in pretty good shape thanks to Insanity, but I haven't benched since high school.