#dailymission on September 28, 2011

Is there a race you regret?

  1. #dailymission I admire Michael Phelps. I'd like to train with him.

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    Just after a run in a park by 27°C, shaved and tired :-D

  3. #dailymission Is there a race you regret? Plenty of them in fact... There's a mythic 10k run in Madrid on December 31 at 18:00 (30 000 runners) and I've watched it on TV for 2 years becau... read more

  4. #dailymission I go with Sven; every race I did not run...

  5. #dailymission I regret the races that I didn't run

  6. #dailymission No regrets. Although I did do a tri back in the day where my quads cramped up so hard I sat beside the road in the middle of nowhere crying and screaming, but regret .. no.

    • Jan-Johan B.
      Jan-Johan B.

      I cramped once during a volleyball match. Totally inapropriate of course. Lot's of people around to help out, but also to laugh at me...My ego cried till I fell asleep that night...

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  7. #dailymission Is there a race you regret?
    There is an out and back half-marthon in Pescadero called the Boot Hill run which I've done twice. There are two big hills on the way out and on the... read more

    • Brian A.
      Brian A.

      Sounds like you emerged stronger and wiser, MD. Well done; wouldn't have expected anything less from you.

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  8. #dailymission Yep. I regret some of the races I haven't done. I'll get to them, though ;)

  9. #dailymission no

  10. #dailymission No. (Is there a race you regret?)

  11. #dailymission Yes I regret being as sick as I was that I started the Trioka Half Iron. I should have not tried to race because the DNF haunted me for weeks. I did not listen to my body that morn... read more

    • Jules A.
      Jules A.

      Yep, the body is always right (even though it often needs motivation)!

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  12. #dailymission Is there a race you regret?

    Define regret... I raced and I survived... no regrets.

    • Dave F.
      Dave F.

      I haven't yet seen a post where someone feels regret for a race. I suppose if somebody were injured or something catastrophic maybe...fortunately I haven't seen anything like that.

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    • Patrick P.
      Patrick P.

      I regret going out too fast in, oh, about a third of the races I've ever run. But I've never regretting running a race.

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    • Bob

      Race regret, no. Strategy regret, you bet!

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  13. #dailymission I could go with the easy answer and say Cleveland Marathon 2010, when I bonked a few miles into the race. After thinking about the question all day, I have to say there's hasn&#x... read more

    • Chanthana

      So true, Justin. We learn from every race - even the bad ones

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    • Greg S.
      Greg S.

      You planning on Cleveland next year?

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    • Justin Z.
      Justin Z.

      I've thought about running Cleveland again next year, Greg. From now until the end of the December, I'm going to try to put together a good base of four months then see where I'm at. I definitely want to enter more races next year and to live down the bonk from two years ago. I may need your marathon training plan for early '12.

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  14. #dailymission Is there a race you regret? So far no... I can't see myself regretting any race I run, even if I'm injured. As a matter of fact, there aren't any workouts period that... read more

    • Jeremy F.
      Jeremy F.

      No doubt! you never regret a workout only regret not doing a workout.

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    • The Nite Train
      The Nite Train

      I was even thinking about a couple of months ago not sure if you guys remember when I caught a cramp in EVERY part of my lower body- all at once. The WORST workout experience I have ever had. I don't even regret that, because it taught me to never be so stupid again and run in 90+ degree weather without taking electrolytes with me lol.

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  15. #dailymission Is there a race you regret? Not a one. I've been everything from elated to devastated after a race, but I think you learn something from every run, and that goes double for races!

  16. #dailymission-only the ones I didn't get around to running!

  17. #dailymission if there's a race you regret, you need to change your frame of mind, or change your hobby. I cherish every memory, detail, and accomplishment of every race.