#dailymission on January 23, 2012

What is your favorite or toughest tempo run/workout?

  1. #dailymission I love a good tempo if I can go out at the right pace. Nothing beats finishing off a 4 mile tempo with a six minute mile...

  2. #dailymission tempo run workout ? I hate them all equally.

  3. #dailymission Someone told me that the Daily Mission was "What celebrity would you like to work out with?" I cannot find this anywhere on Daily Mile but I came up with an answer so I am ... read more

  4. #dailymission It's a bedroom maneuver called The Helicopter.

    • Mordy

      Is that like rolling to the floor when you're kicked out of bed?

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    • Bree C.
      Bree C.

      LOL @Bill! I wouldn't be surprised at all :)

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    • Gil

      I know the feeling Bryan:( being injured sucks big time! I also get very moody if I can't get my sweat on.

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    #dailymission I like to call it the "Give a Cop a Wedgie". Done correctly it's the ultimate in bragging rights. If you screw up you have to see a judge in the morning.

    • Steve

      you know that this is my kind of workout.

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  6. #dailymission I like the Yasso 800s.

    • Christie

      I like those, too!! Should add them back into my routine after my 100 in March!

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  7. #dailymission What is your favorite or toughest tempo run/workout?: I love the Kenyan runs - where you run in a line of 4-6 people, and at random intervals the runner from the back sprints to the f... read more

  8. #dailymission 10 x 200 IMs. FUN! Hard to do, but fun!!!

    • Deanna

      Uhhh 10 200 IM's!!! Holy moli! Rock star!! Looking into that masters program!

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  9. #dailymission. Repeat 800's. They really suck in that you have hold back in the beginning and push like hell at the end.

  10. #dailymission - I'm not doing any temp workouts. Maybe I should start. Does it really improve speed? How is it done? Intervals?
    I just start running and hope I can make it back home without w... read more

    • Gavin

      I don't Bine but it all depends what you are running for. There is also some disparity in the understanding of what is a tempo run. Type the question into google as read around the topic and see if it's for you. Different from intervals and not for specific speed improvement more about the ability to run at a certain tempo for a specific longer distance. I like your attitude in the last sentence of your post.

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    • Henning

      for sake of completeness: the instances were you run at or faster than goal pace are intervals. long (extensive) intervals are run at goal pace, for example three to six times 1k to 4k, with 400m to 1k recovery jogs in-between, depending on the race distance (1k intervals are typical in 10k training). short (intensive) intervals are run slightly (10-15 seconds) faster than race pace but usually not longer than 400m and you would usually run 4 to 10 of them with 200m recovery jogs in-between.

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    • Bine

      Thank you Henning. This is what am I gonig to do. I will hop on the TM tonight and do an easy mile to get everything moving in the right direction and THEN I am going to run a mile as fast as I can :)

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  11. #dailymission Before my last marathon, I ran 20 miles at goal marathon race pace (6:40). It gave me TONS of confidence going in to the race and was probably the best workout of my entire training p... read more

    • Angela A.
      Angela A.

      This blows me away. I know the Phitzinger plans call for 10 miles @ MRP in the middle of a long run, but I haven't heard of doing the whole 20 miles at race pace. Seriously amazing!

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    • Jordan T.
      Jordan T.

      Haha I make my own crazy training plans... I am to the point where I train enough and hard enough that I want to be absolutely sure of what I am capable of going in to my race. I really can't say enough how HUGE that 20 mile run was for my confidence and race day prep.

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  12. #dailymission still don't understand tempo workouts. i need a running coach.

    • Brodie W.

      What helped me was reading advanced marathoning which describes the level of effort of the types of runs. Tempo is a level of effort pace where you should be able to balance speed, air intake, etc Think of it as : easy pace, marathon pace, tempo (fast) pace, 5k pace, etc. I hope this helps.

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    • Allison J.
      Allison J.

      I don't have many runs that feel easy. Regardless of actual pace they all feel hard. What Loreen describes pretty much sounds like all the runs I do. So while I understand the definition of a tempo run, I am not sure I have ever set out to do one. I am still new to running, so I have not yet experienced all the different types of workouts. I do know what they are though.

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    • Allison J.
      Allison J.

      I have looked at some articles about determining tempo pace. They say to add 20 to 30 seconds to a recent 5k pace. I did my last 5k was 8:23 pace. So my tempo runs should be at 8:53. I have been doing two mile runs at that pace so I guess I have done tempo runs. I have not been doing the slow warm up though.

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  13. #dailymission Individual leg training.

    Doing six 40 second sets isn't bad. Doing 60 second sets with 2 minutes rest between for an entire hour is terrible.

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Holy moly!! I can't even imagine doing an hour of those!

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    • Kate M.
      Kate M.

      I so agree. Single leg drills are awful - but so good for form! kudos to you for slogging through an hour. I'm up to 24 min of 1 min left 1 min right... ugh.

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    • Michael D.
      Michael D.

      @Kate: Former coach I worked with recommended one leg, other leg, then a minute of both legs pulling upward, and then rest.

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  14. #dailymission My favorite tempo? The one where I don't crap out at the end. My toughest? The one where I have to crap at the end. ;D

  15. #dailymission my favorite workout is Coachprs 's 4x7 Interval on Itunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/prs-fit-live/id410830026 Coachdiane and Coachprs talk me through the workout and I f... read more

  16. #dailymission There's a course leading through Cherokee Park I like that yields a good six mile tempo run. After a mile or so of warm-up, right when I have to speed up for the tempo part, the ... read more

  17. #dailymission I love a progressive run. It's always tough for me to get going, but once I'm up to speed, I love ending with a good sprint.

    • Corinna

      I'm a beginning runner, but I always feel like that is how I seem to run...even on the treadmill...I walk for 5-15 minutes then find myself maintaining a jogging pace to whereas if I START jogging, it's harder to maintain that pace. LOL did that make sense??

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    • Megan R.
      Megan R.

      Totally! If I start jogging, I can usually push through and get faster.

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    • Mary

      Hey Corinna, I saw your comment and thought I'd just point to you the Jeff Galloway plan. His books are really good. His training method teaches you to run distances very successfully (and very FAST) using walk breaks to keep your body fresh. http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/walk_breaks.html Cheers!

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    • Corinna

      I've heard of the Galloway...was doing the C25 for a bit..

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