#dailymission on August 05, 2012

Why is your philosophy with running?

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    Oh dear me. This one sounds like Yoda wrote it while smoking a blunt. My philosophy is not with running. It's with me. I keep it in a box next to my bed.

  2. #dailymission Why ask why? Drink Bud Dry.

  3. Yesterday's #dailymission: so I can piss off my haters

  4. #dailymission Why is your philosophy with running?
    _why_? or _what_? what’s on second.☻
    why? to show i can run barefoot and still finish respectably.
    what? to run as far as i can (or complete an... read more

  5. #dailymission What is your philosophy with running? Go big or go home....and come back even stronger than before!

  6. #dailymission: Why is your philosophy with running? I think they mean "WHAT is your philosophy with running? Someone seriously needs to proofread these before they post them.
    It doesn't h... read more

    • Doug G.
      Doug G.

      somebody is writing a book with the info!
      like what the hell are they doing with the compilation of data?
      why don't they ask more fun, creative questions? Sorry.

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  7. #dailymission. Love me an awkwardly worded mission! Running is the perfect metaphor. Gloriously simple. Moving is living. Stopping is dying. It doesn't get any simpler.

  8. #dailymission there is no why there is only because.

  9. #dailymission Assuming this is supposed to be 'What is your philosophy with running?" mine is pretty simple: Don't quit. Fight through the pain. Run far. Then run farther.

  10. #dailymission Is Daily mile outsourcing the Dailymission question because that wording sounds like when I have to call for tech support.

  11. #dailymission "Why is your philosophy with running?" It's finding that perfect ratio between balance and tackling a new challenge. Both of those aspects provide a yin-yang harmony ... read more

  12. #dailymission Why ?

  13. #dailymission - My philosophy towards running? I just want to make each run count.