#dailymission on January 25, 2011

Do you have a post-workout routine? What is it?

  1. #dailymission well, i haven't raced yet, but i have done other things in track and field, but if i win a race, i like to try and beat my time the next time i do it and i tell myself "GOOD... read more

    • Christina

      that is what I do but I say "YOU CAN DO IT!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Not far longer to go!!!"

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  2. #dailymission I stretch on the stairs everytime I come in house after a run. After 15+mile runs, I add in an ice bath and hot cocoa.

  3. #dailymission i do expirience leg pain sometimes when i run. when i strech after though, i feel all better.

  4. #dailymission Chug water furiously while leaving a lake on the kitchen floor, clutch my side, curse, complain, shower, inhale whatever food is nearby, and if complaining persists, scotch follows.

    • Mary Beth
      Mary Beth

      I would like to join you in post-workout/race snax & scotch sometime :) Sounds lovely

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    • Kristy

      I'd love that! Bring Lucy and her tap shoes!

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  5. #dailymission I always immediately stretch, first the quads and hamstrings and calves, then the groin, then the glutes. Then I eat/drink something with protein like milk, or eat an avocado salad. F... read more

  6. #dailymission Do you have a post-workout routine? What is it?
    My post-workout routine is to sit down at the computer and write about it. :) Then, I'm ready to shower and write it down in my lo... read more

    • Tim T.
      Tim T.

      amazing stories that you share too, very inspiring

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    • Meg R.
      Meg R.

      Wow, that is really cool, never thought about taking time for nothingness, very cool. :)

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    • Michael S.
      Michael S.

      I either go to work, eat dinner, or go to sleep--all the while thinking how good of an idea it would be for me to spend some time stretching. :-)

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  7. #dailymission A shower is always nice!

    • Debra

      I hate showers lol...probably why Jordan always complains that I stink ;)

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  8. #dailymission post my workout, comment on my peeps' workouts, eat banana + pb + choc milk or tea, HOT shower, make lunch, and scoot off to the T station so i can get to school.

  9. #dailymission Yes, I have a post-run routine. During the week, I eat breakfast, shower, go to work and MUST log run as soon as I get in (umm, don't tell my boss). On the weekends (this is my ... read more

    • Alisha H.
      Alisha H.

      I love it!! What time is breakfast on Saturday? LOL!! I always say I could be so skinny and so fast...if only I didn't have that time devouring job that allows me to have the finer things in life. (ie: food, shelter, heat..yada, yada, yada). :)

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    • Angie K.
      Angie K.

      lol I log my run on my blackberry the second I finish running

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    • Julie D.
      Julie D.

      very nice. Your post-run routine on the weekends is making me hungry....

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    • Terry F.
      Terry F.

      Love your breakfast! And you are talking my kind of coffee!

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  10. #dailymission Do you have a post-workout routine? What is it?

    Post-long runs, I usually come home and stretch my hamstrings by bending over to pick up the mess of toys and paper scraps my kids pr... read more

    • Ashley H.
      Ashley H.

      Funny, that's how I get my stretches in, too! Oh, motherhood ;-)

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  11. #dailymission Shower and food. Post run recovery drink after all runs.

  12. It's not been officially announced, i.e., it's not on the website yet, but I have it on good authority the 2nd Annual UK Habitat for Humanity Krispy Kreme 5K in Lexington, Ky will be Apri... read more

    • Jason B.
      Jason B.

      I would run more than a 5K for Krispy Kreme's

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    • Mark H.
      Mark H.

      True - but could you eat a dozen kreme's in the middle of your 5K - that's the question!

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    • Jason B.
      Jason B.

      Probably not! I would probably end up recycling them at some point. lol

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