#dailymission on November 23, 2010

A lot of athletes tend to travel quite a bit. How many states (or countries) have you run, biked, or swam in?

  1. #dailymission I've run in NH and NH...oh, and one in NH. One might get the feeling I dont like to travel...LOL

  2. #dailymission Run marathons in CA, OR, TX, MA, CT, VT, NH, and OH. Also ran races in Bermuda and Montreal, Canada. The furthest I've traveled was from MA (where I lived) to CA to run San Franc... read more

  3. #dailymission haven't travelled a ton: MA, CT, CA, NH, Canada, France, Mexico, Florida, Vermont

  4. #dailymission lots of states, then I've run in: Mexico, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Italy

  5. #dailymission A lot of athletes tend to travel quite a bit. How many states (or countries) have you run, biked, or swam in? Only 11: MA, VT, CT, RI, TX, AR, OR, CA, MN, NY, and PA. Only raced in 8 ... read more

  6. #dailymission I've run in three states so far: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. It turns out that none of these states are adjoining!

  7. #dailymission Not much of a resume...ME, NH and MA. My two Half Marathons were in NH and MA.

  8. this one goes out to the #dailymission

    • Mark A.
      Mark A.

      Johnny Cash rules. Love it.

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    • Mark R.
      Mark R.

      Great song Kelly, thanks for putting it up. I've even been to a few of them!

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    • Sama

      Love the man in black. Great tune.

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  9. #dailymission I've run in MA, NH, ME, NY, CT, VA, NC, GA, FL, TX, MO, MN, IL, CO, AZ, CA, HI

  10. #dailymission I have run marathons/ultramarathons in ME, VT, MA, NH, NY, PA, MD, NC, FL, AZ, NJ, and MI

  11. #dailymission So far I have only done rides in IL and WI. I'd like to see in how many states I can do a century. Right now it's only WI, but hopefully I can add IL and maybe one other in ... read more

  12. #dailymission I haven't been a runner long, so besides my home state of Illinois, the only other place I've run is Aruba, on the beach. Aaaaaamazing. Hoping to add more exotic locales to ... read more

    • Michael S.

      Adding Aruba is on my bucket list ;)

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    • Stefanie

      Definitely should, it's gorgeous! But, wow, your list is way impressive already...

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    • Michael S.

      Just an old fart that's had, or made lots of interesting opportuities...always room for more :)

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  13. #dailymission during my college-abroad time I ran in Heidelberg, Germany, usually down the Haupstrasse, past many a puzzled "who's chasing you?" look....

  14. #dailymission
    Arizona, California, Washington, Hawaii, New York, New Hampshire, Missouri, and Iceland!

  15. #dailymission
    I have raced 13.1 or longer in Utah, South Dakota, Oregon, Minnesota, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Washington, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Alaska, Arizona (and Greec... read more

    • Lisa J.
      Lisa J.

      so excited when my list gets to be like yours (but then yours will be even longer) Keep up the great work!

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    • Allison E.
      Allison E.

      It'll be pretty cool when you can add Texas to your list in January!! I will def let you know if I sign up!!

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  16. #dailymission I've run in Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, and New York. It's sad, but I think I've hiked in more states than I've run! I ... read more

    • Julia

      Cool! I think I've only done CA, ME, MA and the exotic ones are Hawaii, Alaska, and Italy! (Cobblestones -- ouch!)

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    • Lindsay

      Very impressed with your exotic ones. When/where did you run in Alaska????

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