#dailymission on August 10, 2012

Change something... stride, groove, etc.. Do share!

  1. #dailymission Drop 10-15 lbs for next biking season. Over the past 11 months of being on a plant based diet, eating all I want, my weight has dropped form 198 to a steady190. Next summer, I want... read more

  2. #dailymission - I changed something, and hopefully Larry H. approves: I took a rest day! Few things challenge me more than just letting go and resting physically, let alone spiritually or mentally ... read more

  3. #dailymission - I'm trying to add swimming to my workout routine. Theoretically I'll improve; I'm not convinced.

    • Dana

      I thought the same about myself. Consistency is key. Keep it up!

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  4. #dailymission I'm going to take better care of me and check out a running group in the morning.

  5. #dailymission "Change something... stride, groove, etc.. Do share!" Rode a different horse today. Everything was different, requiring me to change how I ride and how I use my muscles. ... read more

  6. #dailymission Change something... I recently started getting in my car and driving 5-10 minutes to a different trail system in town to run. We have a trail 1/2blk from the house, and I've ru... read more

    • Jan

      Yep, a fresh course can do wonders!

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    • Ashley

      I love mixing up trails. We're so lucky to have so many awesome choices in Lincoln!

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  7. #dailymission I voted for that once...

    • Derek R.
      Derek R.

      I didn't know you were a fellow Libertarian.....oh wait I thought you meant REAL change lol :P

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  8. #dailymission my feminine product?

  9. #dailymission Change something... I'm wearing my tri wetsuit at my desk and am happy to report that my 15" ultra calves still fit in the neoprene, shazzam! Going long tonight, it's ... read more

    • Christie

      haha! I wish I could see a photo of you sitting at your desk in a tri suit! :D Funny!!!

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  10. #dailymission

    I'd like to change my body fat percentage down to about 6 or 7 from it's current level of chub. Of course that would require dieting, and fuck that.

  11. #dailymission - I'm going to start adding (returning to) weight-training next week. The difference this time will be that I'll adapt my program to running, instead of boxing.

  12. #dailymission - change something. Hmm.... attitude? I need to get back on a training plan. Enough of the slothing.

  13. #dailymission Hoping to change back into being a runner again someday.

  14. Today's #dailymission Change something... stride, groove, etc.. Do share! I really need to change my attitude and get out of this all around funk. I think that's going to be a lot hard... read more