#dailymission on August 13, 2012

Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and you dogs performance.

  1. #dailymission My dog can't run more than a mile before he lays down. He's more of a hammock buddy, and less of a running buddy. He comes to watch me in every race though! :)

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    This spring, I had to dodge a woman whose dog was taking a shit in the middle of the race course. I want to teeth-kick people who race with their dogs. Except Menno, of course, beca... read more

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    #dailymission Trying again: These two have 2 speeds - sprint and stop-to-smell-the-pmail. I walked a 5K with Tucker once.

    • Kobi

      My dad says I'm better at pacing myself when I wear my prong collar... I don't know why he thinks there is anything wrong with my pace though!

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  4. #dailymission I haven't raced with Kobi, but I would love to someday. Even with all of his stops to pee/poop/dribble, I'm pretty sure we could win some dog/owner races. However, I'm ... read more

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    #dailymission This is not a running dog! She's a digging dog. I have dug with her.

  6. #dailymission Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and your dog's performance.

    I haven't raced with Shady as the races technically don't allow dog... read more

    • Spence D.
      Spence D.

      EddieDog trots along with me at 6-8 /km pace and has done up to 20km with me. I take him only on trails off leash and he stays at my side except to pee or drink. My last dog Cleo did many 50ks 6-7hrs when I was training for an Ultra, but EddieDog is only 9 Months so I keep him off the real long runs. There are no races for an owner and dog that I know of, but I would do one if there was.

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    #dailymission The one on the left *Maya* has done a Jingle Bell 5K (which she LOVED all the bells!), the one on the right *Mari* trains with me but doesn't race.

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    #dailymission Skippy has heart but he has no legs.. i wont push him past three miles. he and I have issues. we get distracted fast! for him squirrels.... for me girls

  9. #dailymission I did a half mile doggie dash with my chi-weeney. It was the same event as my first 5k about 3 years ago. The race was too crowded with so many people and dogs running in a big clump ... read more

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    #dailymission Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and you dogs performance.

    Nope. Jake is an elite runner (and hunter). I am not. :-D

    • Brenda B.
      Brenda B.

      That's cute.

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    • Kim B.
      Kim B.

      He actually hasn't run much the past two years. He had TPLO surgery on both knees (2 surgeries in 2011). One knee had a completely torn ACL and meniscus, the other had a completely torn ACL. I was jealous because he was rehabbing on a water treadmill while I wasn't allowed to do anything! :) He gets to try hunting in a month. Fingers crossed. Hubby has been missing his hunting partner.

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    I don't have a dog but I have ran with a good friend's dog. He is a 10 yr old husky. We did a 5K together. After a mile I passed him off to my BF because mile 2 has a huge h... read more

    • Tricia S.
      Tricia S.

      come up the hill he started to jump and bark at me to hurry up. When we got to the finish line he was 5 feet behind me dragging ass. LOL! He love it! He got lots of loving from people because as you can see he is a handsome redhead and lover.

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    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Very cool!! My wife and i had huskies (when we had dogs) but I couldn't imagine running a race with any of them. They loved people and were on the hyper side. They could have dragged me to a PR if they went in the right direction, but more likely they would have gone to anyone and everyone! Beautiful dogs indeed!!

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    • Menno G.
      Menno G.

      It's a beauty!

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  12. #dailymission "Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and you dogs performance." I don't have a dog, so no. And I don't think my cat would be to... read more

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    #dailymission Have you ever run a race with your dog?
    She's only good for about 1.5 miles at a 16:00 pace, so no. She's does like to fart then race out of the room though.

  14. #dailymission I like to provoke various dogs around the neighborhood, sprinting back and forth along their fences. Does that count? When we get a house, someday, I plan to get a shelter dog to go w... read more

    • Dawn W.
      Dawn W.

      That is a great idea. You will also get a running partner that is always ready to go and may even be your alarm clock too so you don't forget. ;-)

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