#dailymission on August 13, 2012

Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and you dogs performance.

  1. #dailymission no official races, he's too young for that. I'd love to do canicross once with him, but that's for the future perhaps. Meanwhile we'll just run and have fun.

  2. #dailymission My dog can't run more than a mile before he lays down. He's more of a hammock buddy, and less of a running buddy. He comes to watch me in every race though! :)

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    This spring, I had to dodge a woman whose dog was taking a shit in the middle of the race course. I want to teeth-kick people who race with their dogs. Except Menno, of course, beca... read more

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    #dailymission Trying again: These two have 2 speeds - sprint and stop-to-smell-the-pmail. I walked a 5K with Tucker once.

    • Kobi

      My dad says I'm better at pacing myself when I wear my prong collar... I don't know why he thinks there is anything wrong with my pace though!

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  5. #dailymission I haven't raced with Kobi, but I would love to someday. Even with all of his stops to pee/poop/dribble, I'm pretty sure we could win some dog/owner races. However, I'm ... read more

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    #dailymission This is not a running dog! She's a digging dog. I have dug with her.

  7. #dailymission run a race with my dog? I only take Gnarly-dog to the Furry 5K. I have three cats but I don't think they'd appreciate me loading them up in the doggie stroller for a run.

  8. #dailymission Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and your dog's performance.

    I haven't raced with Shady as the races technically don't allow dog... read more

    • Spence D.
      Spence D.

      EddieDog trots along with me at 6-8 /km pace and has done up to 20km with me. I take him only on trails off leash and he stays at my side except to pee or drink. My last dog Cleo did many 50ks 6-7hrs when I was training for an Ultra, but EddieDog is only 9 Months so I keep him off the real long runs. There are no races for an owner and dog that I know of, but I would do one if there was.

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    #dailymission The one on the left *Maya* has done a Jingle Bell 5K (which she LOVED all the bells!), the one on the right *Mari* trains with me but doesn't race.

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    #dailymission Skippy has heart but he has no legs.. i wont push him past three miles. he and I have issues. we get distracted fast! for him squirrels.... for me girls

  11. #dailymission I did a half mile doggie dash with my chi-weeney. It was the same event as my first 5k about 3 years ago. The race was too crowded with so many people and dogs running in a big clump ... read more

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    #dailymission Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and you dogs performance.

    Nope. Jake is an elite runner (and hunter). I am not. :-D

    • Brenda B.
      Brenda B.

      That's cute.

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    • Kim B.
      Kim B.

      He actually hasn't run much the past two years. He had TPLO surgery on both knees (2 surgeries in 2011). One knee had a completely torn ACL and meniscus, the other had a completely torn ACL. I was jealous because he was rehabbing on a water treadmill while I wasn't allowed to do anything! :) He gets to try hunting in a month. Fingers crossed. Hubby has been missing his hunting partner.

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    I don't have a dog but I have ran with a good friend's dog. He is a 10 yr old husky. We did a 5K together. After a mile I passed him off to my BF because mile 2 has a huge h... read more

    • Tricia S.
      Tricia S.

      come up the hill he started to jump and bark at me to hurry up. When we got to the finish line he was 5 feet behind me dragging ass. LOL! He love it! He got lots of loving from people because as you can see he is a handsome redhead and lover.

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    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Very cool!! My wife and i had huskies (when we had dogs) but I couldn't imagine running a race with any of them. They loved people and were on the hyper side. They could have dragged me to a PR if they went in the right direction, but more likely they would have gone to anyone and everyone! Beautiful dogs indeed!!

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    • Menno G.

      It's a beauty!

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  14. #dailymission "Have you ever run a race with your dog? Share a story about the race....and you dogs performance." I don't have a dog, so no. And I don't think my cat would be to... read more

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    #dailymission Have you ever run a race with your dog?
    She's only good for about 1.5 miles at a 16:00 pace, so no. She's does like to fart then race out of the room though.