#dailymission on January 17, 2012

Post a note about about a workout quandary you had (injury, bad weather, schedule conflict) and then how you resolved it after asking WWCD... What would Caleb do?

  1. #dailymission my favorite race in 2011 was the Spartan Beast HANDS DOWN!!!! 12+ mile muddy obstacle race on Killington Mountain in Vermont. Can't wait to do it again this year!

    • Juliet

      Fer sher

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    • Runfasterdaddy

      I've done 3 of these mud events so far and they're always fun. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one.

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    • Tara

      Hey RFD..I sent you a msg with Spartan link. You should totally sign up, its totally your kind of challenge!!

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  2. #dailymission unfortunately, i have never resolved any workout quandary by asking "what would Caleb M. do?" maybe i should ask him next time.

  3. #dailymission I've often questioned whether to go fast or not in a workout and every time I reach this crossroad I can picture Caleb yelling "Speed up!"

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  5. #dailymission Just about every workout involves some quandary, including the examples you provided. I either get it done or I don't.

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  8. #dailymission i like the word quandary

  9. #dailymission - I was doing a charity 100 mile bike ride on a Sunday, at 30 miles had a bad crash, got scraped off the road, ambulance ride to ER, busted hip, surgery, hospital 5 days, kinda set my... read more

    • Jay S.
      Jay S.

      Sorry to hear that Ken. I guess Caleb was no help then?

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    • Gary L.
      Gary L.

      Ken, you are amazing! I hope I never have the opportunity to be as tough as you.....I don't really like pain.

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    • Ken B.
      Ken B.

      Gary, I am not tough, just too numb to know I am hurt/

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  10. #dailymission Like Timmaay T. said who is Caleb? After my quandary I just tell myself adapt and deal with it.

    • Tim T.
      Tim T.


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    • S W.
      S W.

      Your cookie is killing be gal!!! I want cookies every time I see it!! P.S. Right on about Caleb! Who is he and who cares?

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  11. #dailymission Is this kinda like "What would Tim Tebow do?" (well besides throw interceptions, fumble the football and get his ass kicked the Patriots)

  12. #dailymission: who's Caleb?

  13. #dailymission
    Interesting question for me. At the moment I'm considering a long night run...what would you do Caleb?

  14. #dailymission What would Caleb brew?

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