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March Mile Madness: Round of 64+

Run the most by 03/22/2010. <b>Updated schedule!</b><br /><br /> It's March, and that means it's time for Madness... <i>March Mile Madness</i>!<br /><br /> <b><i>Round of 64+:</i></b> Open to everybody and anybody, this round will consist of a simple challenge: run as many miles as you can in a week: from <b>Monday March 15 to Sunday March 21</b>. The top 32 will move on.<br /><br /> <b><i>Round of 32:</i></b> An invite-only challenge, this round is a simple 5k race. The runners of the 16 fastest 5k races on <b>Monday March 22, Tuesday March 23, Wednesday March 24, or Thursday March 25</b> will move on.<br /><br /> <b><i>Sweet Sixteen:</i></b> Another invite-only challenge, this round is a four day distance competition. The 8 runners who compile the most milage between <b>Friday March 26 and Monday March 29</b> will move on.<br /><br /> <b><i>Elite Eight:</i></b> It's getting serious. The Elite Eight will be invited to run the fastest 10k race they can between <b>Tuesday March 30 and Thursday April 1</b>. Only four will move on.<br /><br /> <b><i>Final Four:</i></b> More distance, but less time. Runners will have two days, <b>Friday April 2 and Saturday April 3</b> to run as many miles as they can. The top two will move on.<br /><br /> <b><i>"Halftime":</i></b> The last challenge. Our final two runners have <b>Sunday April 4 and Monday April 5</b> to run the fastest half-marathon they can. Best time wins the tournament! Details »


Congratulations to Chris R.

Chris won March Mile Madness: Round of 64+ with 85.71