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  • Mauricio S.
  • Ben B.
  • Jodie
  • Jose S.
  • Leslie R.
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Everybody tries to run 26 mi . Run 26 miles 4 26 Angels. Join the movement started just last Monday! The idea was to get 26 runners to run 26 miles each in honor of the 26 victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A full description of the event is here The response form all over the country has been phenomenal. There are people from every corner running their miles and pledging their $1 per mile. We need more help to reach our goal of $26,000, which will be hand delivered to Newtown by the organizer of the event. So.... join the challenge, run your miles and make the pledge. I know its short notice, but we're all running anyway, right? Lets run with an additional incentive this weekend. BTW... you don't have to run all 26 miles, there are donation options for 6.5, 13, 19.5 or 26. Your choice, Your distance Details »

Winner Congratulations to Jose S., Heather L., and Tracy L W., the most recent to complete the challenge!
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  1. Ben B.
    1. Ben ran 5.5 miles, about 6 years ago
  2. Patti J.
    2. Patti ran 3 miles, almost 6 years ago
  3. Leslie R.
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  4. Keri C.
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