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The first mommy fitness movement dist...

Everybody tries to run 30 mi . Okay guys, here is your first offical distance challenge. Gonna make it an easy one being we are just starting out. Starting on July 15 going until August 14, 30 full days, your goal is to walk, run, skip, hop, whatever it takes, 30 miles. That is just 1 mile a day! So get your movement shoes on and get at it! And don't stop once you reach 30, keep going, challenge yourself, an extra few feet a day can do wonders in a months time! Details »

Winner Congratulations to Jessica B., Ttmom, and Emily, the most recent to complete the challenge!
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  1. Cheryl A.
    1. Cheryl ran 2 miles, over 5 years ago
  2. Maranatha C.
    2. Maranatha walked 3.35 miles, about 1 year ago
  3. Aliah H.
    3. Aliah ran 0.6 miles, over 5 years ago
  4. Ashley D.
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