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Gender wars-running, MEN's team.

Run the most by 10/08/2012. Inspired by the battle of the sexes swim challenge, we're gonna do a running challenge. It'll be fairly straight up. total miles divided by participants. Whoever's average is higher, wins. To be fair to either side that has a couple people join the challenge b/c they're new and then leave DM. Anyone who has no activity after july will be excluded. we'll tally them up on sept 30th, but I'm ending the challenge on the 7th to give everyone a week to see it before it expires and erases from the board. I suppose I'll also make a forum post afterwards too. We're starting july 1st to give people time to gather troops. It's a 3 month challenge, so longevity is the name of the game Details »


Congratulations to Brad T.

Brad won Gender wars-running, MEN's team. with 1106.75