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  • Rahmin P.
  • Adam G.
  • Cyrus Andre N.
  • Fred T.
  • Alex P.
  • Mustafa K.
  • Duygun Y.
  • Julien B.
  • Fabio S.
  • Anand T.
  • Eric D.
  • Tony C.

Battle of the Sexes -- Guys Team

Swim the most by 09/21/2012. Are you up for the challenge? Welcome to fourth installment of Battle of the Sexes: Guys vs. Girls. The challenge? Swim as much as you can for the rest of the summer. We have our title to defend, but don't rest on your laurels, boys. Lead by the aquaphoric Chio [], the girls have a talented bunch gills in their school of fish, and you can be sure they're not going down without a fight. To make it a little more interesting this round, we're going to be comparing the total average distance swam by both teams in addition to our collective totals. I mean, if 100 girls signed up, and there were only 65 of us boys, that wouldn't exactly be a fair fight, now would it? Awards will be digitally presented by way of electronic carrier pigeon for the following categories: 1. Total average distance by team 2. Total overall distance by team 3. Total distance swam by team member So, come one, come all, but if you do come, be prepared to lay the splash down. Details »


Congratulations to Fabio S.

Fabio won Battle of the Sexes -- Guys Team with 137.71