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Everybody tries to go 1 mi . Welcome to the 50/100 Hand Stand Push Up Challenge. Below is a quick run down on the important things to know. [NOTE: DM will not allow me to format this post, so it is quite jumbled!] This is an event on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, I cross posted it here. Starts June 12, 2012. If you start late, you have to catch up. Link to FaceBook: The facebook event has more videos and info on options and adjustments - clearly you do not want to attempt the full HSPU if you are not strong enough or have the wrong form! Here is a general video on things: This has some better progression info: (somewhere around 3 minutes in) 1. The challenge begins June 12th. Click on the following youtube video to learn how to do a HSPU: 2. This is a virtual challenge meaning anyone can participate from wherever you live/work/wod. 3. The challenge lasts 50 days or 100 days (depends on your skills/mood/ level) and begins with 1 HSPU on June 12th. On day 2 of the challenge do 2 HSPU, then 3 on day 3, 4 on day 4 etc. until the culmination on 31th july (50days) or 19th september (100 days) 4. If you fail to complete any or all HSPU on a given day, in order to stay in the challenge, all HSPU assigned to the failed or missed day must be completed the next day PLUS all the ones due for that day. 5. HSPU can be done all at once or spread out during the day as long as they are all done by midnight. Head must touch ground at the bottom and elbows have to be all extended in the straight position 6. For those who can`t do the HSPU without compensate, you can do it as any of the progression of the video Details »

Winner Congratulations to Jake C., the most recent to complete the challenge!
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