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Why don't we walk anymore?

Everybody tries to go 700 mi . This challenge was inspired by Mark's Daily Apple blog... ( he asks the question.. "why don't we walk anymore?" .. and at the end of the post challenges us... and i quote... "To rectify this situation and show you what you’ve been missing, I want you to spend at least one dedicated hour every day (yes, I’m bumping it up a notch) engaging in low-level aerobic activity – walking, cycling, hiking, rowing, swimming, or a mix of all of them." His challenge was for one week... but being the over achievers' that we are... and the fact that we have been brainstorming for a summer challenge.. we decided to extend the challenge for the entire summer... Here is how we break it down and our challenge parameters... May 1st to August 31st... 17 weeks... (the 17th week was august 28th ) our goal is SIX hours a week.. which came to 102 hours... plus the 3 days from 28th-31st of august so 105... round down.. (to allow for some small amount of summer slacking when it gets tooo damn hot) to 100 hours. It won't let me create a challenge with just HOURS of activity logged... so we figured... 15 minute mile for walking.. 10ish mile per hour biking.. (it said LOW LEVEL).. and if we figured half would be walking and half biking that would be about 700 miles... But the ultimate challenge is HOURS LOGGED... you just have to keep track of that in your reports... or just make your goal to hit the 700 mile mark... whatever.. it's summer.... let's make this working out less WORKING OUT and more OUT HAVING FUN! Details »

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  1. Jo S.
    1. Jo ran 2.32 miles, about 4 years ago
  2. Janet M.
    2. Janet ran 2.66 miles, over 5 years ago
  3. Elizabeth M.
    3. Elizabeth ran 4.28 miles, about 6 years ago
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