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  • Keath L.
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  • Kristen K.
  • Ben K.
  • Janeth R.
  • Carsten H.
  • Muriel
  • Stacey
  • Ceridwen L.
  • Karen N.
  • Pedro G.

חֲנֻכָּה חֲלֵנז׳

Everybody tries to run 36 mi . Roughly transliterated: "Channukah Challenge"! In all the fun challenges of the holiday season, I figured it was a good time to represent for the Maccabees, here's a nice little eight day challenge to keep us all on our toes: eight nights of Channukah, eight nights (or days) of running: 25 Kislev: 1 mile, 26 Kislev: 2 miles, 27 Kislev: 3 miles, 28 Kislev: 4 miles, 29 Kislev: 5 miles, 30 Kislev: 6 miles, 1 Tevet: 7 miles, 2 Tevet: 8 miles Jewish days run from sunset to sunset, so this year, 25 Kislev is from sunset 20 December to sunset 21 December, 26 Kislev sunset on the 21st to sunset on the 22nd, and so on. Do you runs at night, the next morning, maybe skip a Julian day and then double up a morning and evening run the next day, whatever. Just have fun and rack up those 36 miles over eight days. ... Just remember to run from right to left. ... Bonus points for carrying a shamush candle with you while you run. ... Extra bonus points if you're also doing the "Santa Hat on Christmas Eve" challenge (day 4/night 5) - post a photo! ... Also, if anyone can come up with a better fake-Hebrew transliteration of the "nge" sound, please let me know! חֲלֵנז׳ isn't quite right. Details »

Winner Congratulations to Stacey, Carsten H., and Karen N., the most recent to complete the challenge!
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