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Exercise with Santa Hat on Christmas Eve

Everybody tries to go 0.1 mi . I mentioned last year that I have a tradition where I run with a Santa hat every Christmas Eve and Steve S suggested I create a challenge. Over the years of doing this, I discovered that it's a fun way to spread some cheer on the roads and neighborhoods. The first challenge was a huge success. With only 24 hours notice, we had more than 85 people participate who shared with us their photos and their stories. So, the Run with Santa Hat on Christmas Eve challenge is back. But it has been modified into "Exercise with Santa Hat on Christmas Eve" so we can get even more participation and perhaps more creative. You can do any distance and any sport. The only condition is that you wear a Santa Hat and you post a photo of yourself with the hat on. So, put a Santa hat on Christmas Eve and go for a run, walk, swim, bike ride, or whatever else you do that day. And don't forget to share your story if something fun happens. Enjoy. Chris N. Details »

Winner Congratulations to Shelly S., Amy S., and Mark D., the most recent to complete the challenge!
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