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  • Nalla K.
  • Shankar J.
  • Shashidhar G.
  • Aditya P.
  • Srinath Rajam
  • Rnair
  • Akshay P.
  • Deepan C.
  • Ashwatha M.
  • Deepika R.
  • Rohan K.
  • Ramesh V.

Bangalore Brevet Launch Ride

Cycle the most by 12/05/2010. The launch ride, for the Bangalore Brevet series is on December 5th. This ride is a prelude to the actual PBP qualifier series that is going to start in January. So folks, start doing those self supported ultra long distances as a training for the 200K launch ride. Details »


Congratulations to Rnair

Rnair won Bangalore Brevet Launch Ride with 693.45