The All New PRO

We first introduced PRO in June 2011. Looking back, it’s crazy how much we’ve grown since then — we’ve tripled our size! — and how much we’ve learned. We’re excited today to announce we’ve put that learning to good use and are releasing the all new PRO package. It’s a massive overhaul of tools built to improve your training. The offering has expanded so much we even toyed with the idea of changing the name.

You can sign up and learn more here.

A New Training Experience

dailymile is designed to help you improve your fitness (and generally kick more ass). We’ve always observed this is best accomplished by making fitness fun and encouraging people to support and motivate one another, building a community. This has worked incredibly well so far and we’ve watched people accomplish some amazing things with the support of others, and in the process form great friendships.

While dailymile has been focused on the social side of training, there’s great value in the analytical side. As the saying goes, what gets measured gets improved, and as you push your training further, analytics can give you a massive boost. We’ve reworked the training section to focus on measurement and planning. Our new analytics and workout planner will help you learn from your progress so you can choose the right goals and accomplish them. We think what we’ve built is going to take your training to the next level. You can start using it today.

The training section of dailymile has been rebuilt from scratch using many of the new technologies developed for our new site. You’ll find the interface extremely responsive. You can find the full listing on the PRO sign up page.

And there’s more: if you sign up for the yearly subscription, you’ll get a coupon for 25% off from If you still have to do your present shopping – this is huge!

The promise we made to you when we first launched PRO still stands: dailymile will always be free.

Going Forward

Over the last year we’ve been hard at work on some new products that we’re super excited to show you: an iPhone app and a brand new website. We’ve doubled down on the core social features that have worked so well to create a more engaging experience. You’ll be able to track and discover all new types of workouts and we’ll help you improve every step of the way. It’s been hard keeping things under wraps, but we’re close to unveiling them. We’ll have lots more to say about this soon, but you can go PRO to receive early beta access to these products first.

Our goals for dailymile are more ambitious now than they’ve ever been. If you go PRO you’ll be helping us to continue to improve your dailymile experience. You can do so here and unlock the new features.

Ben, Kelly, and the dailymile team

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