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Who doesn’t love Spring and who doesn’t love running shoes? We all need new kicks when the race season starts. So grab those old beat up winter trainers, take them down to your local running retailer and donate them for the next person. It’s time to treat yourself to some new foot rockets. Here are some of our favorites…

The Newton Distance Trainer is one of my favorite re-tools of all the running shoes I have tried. Newton barely messed with what is great about the original Distance trainer. The updates just made the shoe lighter and less of a heel to toe pitch, it now has a 2mm drop. As always Newton has decked their shoes out in great colors. These are a light and fast shoe that I can’t help but pile miles onto. Full Review

The Inov-8 Road X-Lite 155 was a favorite shoe of the year for review Ben Prosser. “Big picture – I love this shoe.  I love it so much that I bought 3 pairs in 6 months (ok I have shoe issues, but so do most of you reading this). ” “It is extremely flexible and lightweight, coming in at 5.5 oz for a Men’s size 10.  That’s pretty much lighter than any other racing flat, and even lighter than Vibram Five Fingers.” “One of my favorite parts of the shoe is the fit – it just feels GREAT on my feet.  The toe box is wonderfully roomy, more than most minimal shoes.  The shoe will fit well if you have a medium to slightly wider foot.” Full Review

The New Balance 730 isn’t going to be found at your local running store, although it should be. This is a great minimal shoe that New Balance decided to make for the “B” market chain stores. We are talking Dick’s, Sears, and JC Penney’s. Runnblogger, Peter Larson pointed them out to me so I decided to give them a try. I am glad I did these are fantastic shoes that can be found in the $60-$70 range, who knows how much cheaper they will get when they go on sale. If your interested in trying out minimal shoes or know that you love them, pick a pair of these up. Full Review

The Saucony Triumph 9 was one of my favorite more traditional trainers. The Triumph has a nice neutral cushy ride.This shoe can be a real work horse and held up super well as the miles stacked up. Saucony moved the shoe down to an 8mm drop to give the trainer a good platform for both heel strikers and mid-foot strikers. The styling is a little more on the tame side, but Saucony often plays with color combos and jazzes up shoes after the initial launch. If you are looking for a tradition trainer feel with a lower heel to toe ratio give these Triumph 9s a go next time your trying on shoes. Full Review

Jenny J. reviewed these Merrell  Pace Glove Trial shoes, They have an incredibly snug and secure fit, leaving plenty of room in the toe box.  Normally I wear a size 8 running shoe but for some reason the arch hit funny in that size, so I sized down and sockless, the 7.5 seems to fit just right.” “I consider myself somewhat of a minimal runner, wearing a neutral shoe and staying in as light of a trainer as I can but the Pace Glove took it to a whole ‘nuthuh level. These bad boys weigh in at only 4.7 oz.” Full Review

Inov-8 RocLITE 285 are my choice for the upcoming HAT 50k trail race. Steve S. recommended them and ran a 12 hour race in them. Since he could run in them for 12 hours and still like them I figured that was a strong endorsement. While I have only run 4.5 miles in them so far the combination of a light weight shoe with crazy claw like lugs has me feeling pretty excited to hit the HAT trails. Initial Review

Is there a shoe you love for this spring? Leave a comment and let people know what you think is a stellar pick for hitting the roads and trails.

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Thomas Neuberger is the founder and editor of Believe in the Run, a website dedicated to reviews on running gear and running events. Thomas has always been a gear head that gets excited by the smell of new eva foam. When he's not working as a marketing consultant for the companies in a venture fund group in Baltimore or spending time with wife and two sons, you can find Thomas on the roads and trails around Baltimore, MD. Big goals this year include a 3:10 marathon, a sub 20 minute 5k, and Completing two ultras.
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