America’s top cities for bike commuting

Want to find out if you live in a bike mecca? Check out this article on America’s Top Cities for bike commuting. Turns out dailymile was founded in one (Madison, WI), and is now headquartered in another (San Francisco)! Be sure to check out the well-being visualization towards the end of the article. It’s no surprise that biking to work makes us healthier, and happier, but it’s nice to have more proof for it!

At the top of the list are Eugene, Oregon, and Fort Collins, Colorado, where more than 5 percent of commuters bike to work. College towns dominate the list—Boulder, Colorado, Madison, Wisconsin, Santa Cruz, California, Iowa City, Iowa, Gainesville, Florida, and State College, Pennsylvania, among others. But bigger metros like Portland, Oregon, Honolulu, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose (Silicon Valley) also rank highly.

This month we’ve been highlighting stories about cycling for the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge. We’re trying to avoid 100,000 car trips by peddaling around more often. Check out the and the Clif 2 Mile Challenge and the Clif Cast for more information.

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