2011 Boston Marathon dailymile Meetup

The dailymile community sure is strong online, but once you get a chance to experience it in person, you get a chance to put faces to photos and personalities you’ve only experienced online. Your dailymile friends become that much more human, and the motivation you feel every day strengthens.

This year’s Boston meetup was exceptional! The dailymile crowd gathered for dinner, drinks, and door prizes a few days before the race to celebrate the 115th running of the Boston Marathon. Here are a few of my favorite moments and photos.

Doug W (second from left) was the lead organizer for this year’s Daily Mile Boston Marathon Meetup, held at McGreevy’s Irish Pub, across the street from the Marathon Expo.Madelyn H (far left), Adam M (pictured third) and Jeremy B (pictured fourth) were among the first guests.


I first met Ty G (pictured second) and Luau W (pictured second) at 2010′s Daily Mile Boston Marathon Meetup and it was great to see them again.
It was my first time meeting Madelyn H (pictured first), Adam M (pictured third), and Julie C (pictured fifth).  We all recognized each other right off the bat, however.  Amazing how Daily Mile fosters friendship and familiarity on a daily basis among community members.


Chris R (pictured second) is a veteran runner who hosts and produces the RunRunLive podcast. He’s flanked on the left by Blaise B, a fellow Daily Miler and husband of Daily Mile Team Member, Ann B.  Ty G is featured far right.




Great to finally meet Daily Mile veterans, Andy O and Peter L. McGreevy’s was supposed to provide an informational sign about the meetup being held downstairs, so Andy ordered a hamburger upstairs before joining Daily Milers in the party room.  The lighting was better upstairs for photos as you can see.





Awesome meeting Joseph G (pictured second to the left). Joe’s always positive and upbeat and looks like he had a great time during Boston Marathon weekend, with fantastic Expo photos featuring him and luminaries like Josh Cox.


Hmmmmm. Looks like Pete L (pictured second) was the only one in this shot who wanted to be photographed with adult beverages; lots of bottled water and clear containers goin’ on.




And the winner is… ?







Fellow Daily Mile Team member Ann B helping me with the door prize drawing. Ann’s drawing tickets from a plastic beer cup; only the best for DM meetup attendees.





Steve S and Ally S; respectfully called “Mr. and Mrs. Daily Mile” in the community arrived to thunderous applause. They were delayed due to Steve working the Expo Booth for the Cayman Islands Marathon, an event he’s won 2 years in a row; among the many accomplishments he’s achieved in recent years.





The road to 2012′s Boston Marathon Daily Mile Meetup has already been paved.  See ya next year.

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