Crush Your Goals with the Help of Your Running Community

We all have important running goals – some are lofty like running your first marathon while others are simple like “run at least four days this week.”

Usually the big goals are accomplished after weeks or months of achieving your little goals, like running consistently or making sure you do a strength workout twice a week. Running has a cumulative effective and after a few months, you’ll be a lot stronger and faster!

It’s fascinating to see which runners regularly crush their goals (in training and races) while others float along without ever improving. What separates these two types of athletes? How do you become more consistent and constantly achieve your goals?

The Power of Accountability

Almost every successful runner has a support network; they’re not doing it alone. The ability of friends, mentors, or a running coach is huge and pushes you to be your best. It’s an enormous source of motivation and holds you accountable to your daily training.

As a coach, I hear from my runners regularly that they benefit from sending me their weekly training log. Because it they miss their scheduled workouts, they have me to answer to! This one factor alone is what often separates productive runners with those that never achieve their goals.

One of the many reasons that dailymile helps you succeed is that you have the power of a like-minded community behind you. Friends who encourage you when you’re running well and prop you up when workouts don’t go as planned help you stay motivated. You’re already a member of this great group – are you taking advantage of it?

Feeding off a community of supportive runners works in two very powerful ways. First, it encourages you when you’re already doing well. Have you ever felt excited about a workout, but then even more thrilled when 20 dailymile friends get behind you and send you motivation? That positive energy keeps you excited about crushing your goals – just like the boost you get from running a great workout with a group.

Finally, encouragement from a community of your peers helps boost your spirits when running isn’t going well. When an unfortunate injury makes it impossible to run or if you have a bad workout or race, your friends are there to help you stay motivated. Every runner faces hurdles and setbacks; those with a support network bounce back quickly and go on to achieve their goals.

Who’s in Your Support Group?

Connecting with runners who you admire, who push you to run your best, and support you during tough times is the key to achieving all of your big goals. Without them, you’ll lose sight of what you want to accomplish and take the easy road of setting unambitious goals.

I’m lucky to have connected with many runners on dailymile who I look up to and always offer encouragement.

  • Thanks to Greg S. for always offering insight into my workouts and teasing me about my “conversational” 7:00/mile distance run pace.
  • Thanks to Caleb M. for pushing the bar higher and being such a good example of how to improve month after month, year after year. Now hopefully I can get your marathon PR!
  • Thanks to Michelle H. for being one of my most loyal supporters. Your enthusiasm and encouragement can be counted on every day, on every workout.
  • Thanks to Steve S. for being a relentless racer and example of consistency. We can all learn from you. Good luck healing from your stress fracture – you’ll be back sooner than you think!

Who’s part of your dailymile network that motivates you? And of course, who do you encourage?

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