Last but not least

Recording a video of yourself is difficult. Handing it off to someone who you’ve only met over the internet and then trusting that she’ll edit it, isn’t surprisingly difficult. But then knowing in the back of your head that this crazy girl is going to publish it on a heavily traffic’d blog–that’s a lot to swallow. All of us on the dailymile team already have a lot of guts, but the folks that have been introducing themselves to the community over the past couple of days are the brave ones (or just technically savvy) and I am impressed. I’m looking forward to working with the team to bring you many more videos.

Today we have the last few videos from the team, and they are phenomenal. Thanks to everyone who put a face and voice with their dailymile identity. It was a treat to hear your stories, and especially your accents!

[vimeo 10068814 560 420]

Kristin K.
Brodie W.
Steve S.
Tracy G.
Ally S.
John H.

Check out the rest of theĀ team members!

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