Introducing your 2011 dailymile team

Alright, dailymilers, they’re here and they’re excited. The 2011 team is made up of dailymilers that have been hand selected by you, the dailymile community!

Before we get rolling with introductions, I have to thank the 2010 team for paving the way as our inaugural dailymile team. If you don’t know already, the 2010 team was instrumental in creating this very blog, establishing sponsorships, running community lead meetups, organizing virtual races for charity, and kicking off dailymile’s first Secret Santa program! Thanks to all the 2010 dailymile team members, your’e amazing!

I also want to give a special thanks goes out to our 2011 nominees. You are all fantastic dailymilers and we’re so lucky to have you as part of the community.

We already have goals on horizon and milestones on the calendar for 2011 so I better get to the introductions so that we can get to work!

[youtube xNzlvA_prmo]
Adam M.
“I’ve gone from a 350 lb junk food eating couch potato to a long-distance runner eating mainly fruits and vegetables. I love DM, and hope to continue to help inspire and encourage others to make the healthy transformation that I’ve made. Thanks!”

[youtube KcHvM3uxkGM]
“Hi Dailymile! I am a wife, a mother to two boys, a full time student, a substitute teacher, and now…. a MARATHONER… because of Dailymile! I am just a “middle of the pack” runner. I have no extraordinary athletic ability, but Dailymile makes me feel like I have a champion inside of me! It’s given me courage and confidence that I’ve never had before. And, this confidence has even trickled into other parts of my life. The “full time student” part of my bio can also be contributed to DM in a lot of ways. Around about the time I signed up for my 1st marathon, I also applied and was accepted into University of Wisconsin’s teaching program. (I’ve dreamed of teaching for while) I am excited for this opportunity to possibly be an ‘official’ Dailymile Ambassador. I’ve always said, ‘if the whole world were Dailymilers, what a wonderful, amazing, world it would be!’”

[youtube Y-tBmgfJNOg]
Alicyn H.
“My name is Alicyn and I live in the Washington DC area. I am an IT geek and a gym rat. I love to stay active and healthy. Most of my DM friends can tell you I spend quite a bit of time on the site. If I had to pick a few words to describe myself they’d be: kind, caring, supportive, funny (sometimes), full of energy, and motivating.”

[vimeo 19582384]
Ann B.
“I am a running, cycling, swimming, lifting mom of three who has taken my love of all things fitness to become a fitness writer. I have a blogAnns Running Commentary which originally started as portfolio to be used for my queries to magazines and quickly evolved into a place where I can relate to runners all over the would and hopefully where they can relate to me.”

[youtube Y1EFciCLc74]
Barbara H.
“I am a happily married 36 almost 37yr old mother of 3 extremely wonderful teenage children. What can I say about me and my life – other than I just love it. Wouldn’t want it any other way. I look forward to everyday as though it were my last and i choose to make the most of it. Thanks once again for choosing me. I was unable to attach this video with the first so had to do two.”

[youtube UqhAFqQI7ZY]
Brian A.
“Hi, I’m Brian Adkins (Brian A), a runner and cyclist based out of Chicago. I hope to earn your support to be on Daily Mile’s 2011 Team; the community has literally changed my life.”

[youtube OT5IeIOnJlk]
Brodie W.
“I am a hard core runner who loves getting others to join in. I enjoy more the team aspect of the sport and always want to help others achieve their goals. I train from my heart and support others in the same fashion! I am the ideal person for the dailymile team!”

[youtube TC5L3ieKS7s]
Carol B.
“I run to stay fit and challenge myself and also to inspire my daughters to lead a healthy lifestyle. I love Dailymile for logging my workouts and also for meeting people from around the world and supporting and encouraging them. I’ve gotten through injury by the motivation of others who have also been injured and boosted my morale. It is easy to pay that forward when you recover and then see others struggle. As an ‘ambassador’ I would just keep doing what I do, which is to log on and cheer my friends. Whether I’m voted to join this team or not, I will continue to use and love the site. I know I am ahead of where I would be without my DM friends. Hopefully they feel the same way about me.”

[youtube bMBjiBmSFBM]
“I’m a late bloomer! I didn’t catch the running bug until my early 30s. I ran my first marathon (Chicago 2007) and PR’d twice in that distance. My next “A” race is the Wisconsin Marathon, where I plan to qualify for Boston with a time of sub 3:45.”

[vimeo 19675620]
Erica S.
“I’m pretty sure my video says it all but just in case, I’m an NYC girl who loves to run and just have fun. When I’m not running, I’m practicing yoga, hiking, designing jewelry & singing in the shower. I sounds really awesome in the shower :) I’m just here to have a good time! Rock on DMers.”

[youtube 9wQsk3AWypQ]
Ilona M.
“I’m a digital journalist and author drawn to health communication with a positive social focus. Since finding dailymile, you’ve all kept me on my toes. You’ve been with me every step of the way as I worked to become a ‘real’ runner, and there’s no better feeling than returning that dailymile.”

[youtube j7MWcl_nRao]
Jen S.
“I am Jen. I have lost 100+lbs over the last 2years-I have running to thank-it helped me go from Fat to Fit and I found my passion. I want to continue to motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams. Dailymile inspires me every day & I want to give back all I can! Thank you.”

[vimeo 19684078]
Jenny J.
I’m a huge fan of DailyMile and love what the site has to offer athletes. I love the encouragement, camaraderie, inspiration, accountability, friendships and last but not least, a place to log my miles.”

[youtube ENZfeTbJMU8]
Jocelyn A.
“I’m a minimalist runner that enjoys running both solo and competitively. Solo runs are for renewal, while races are for putting everything on the line. Running is a way for me to discover more about myself, and I love hearing about others’ running adventures.”

[youtube RVZv_RN603M]
Jodi C.
“I have decided to share a video I made over Christmas as my ‘application.’ I want to show that I have been been ready and willing to sing my appreciation for DM long before the Team Application was brought forth ;) Through the last year I have met some of the most wonderful friends, both locally through impromptu meetups, and globally through online friendships. I enjoy introducing new friends to the site as well as getting out there and meeting fellow DMer’s. The support, motivation, and general loving acceptance shared among Dailymile athletes is unparalleled to any other social network and I am proud to be a member! Those who know me know I am enthusiastic, outgoing and ready to be an ambassador for a community that has changed my life for the better! Love you guys! (Oh…and if you chose me, I promise to follow through on my 100 push up challenge and will make a video of me singing through all 100!)”

[youtube SICEHzyvMCU]
Joe M.
“Hi guys! I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the emblem on my screen today letting me know that I was eligible to apply to become a dailymile Team Member in 2011. I am a runner from Austin, TX who dabbles a little on the tri bike and will be working towards my first attempt at the triathlon at the tail end of 2011. I have a few road races on my calendar before I take on the Tri. The Austin Marathon in just under 3 weeks, Ragnar Del Sol 5 days later and the NYC Marathon in November. As for why I am drawn to this opportunity, the biggest reason is the chance to give back. I have gained so much from the Daily Mile Community since I joined last January – I’m not sure I could ever say enough thank you’s or return all of the gifts that have been given to me. Not only am I a much better runner than my wildest dreams would have allowed me to imagine when I started logging workouts at Daily Mile. But I am a much better “me”. I have made tremendous friendships, helped community members through tough times and injuries and gotten connected in my local running community here in Austin in ways that never could have happened without Daily Mile. I would promote, encourage, motivate and hopefully inspire like no other if given this opportunity. Thank you for considering me for such a great honor.”

[youtube hhaVufSr71g]
Karlee M.
“I’m Karlee M. from Wichita, KS. I love to run. I have a husband that is en elite runner and 4 kids that are running in our footsteps. My favorite part about DM is meeting up with other like-minded athletes and helping each other with our goals, whatever they may be. DailyMile has blessed so many people! I’d love to be part of that team! (to watch a longer outtake of the first video)”

[youtube MQpEsykWtI4]
Kathy S.
“I grew up in Alaska, far away from the foggy streets of San Francisco I now call home. As a result I wore nothing but mukluks and cross country ski boots until the I was 18 when I moved from my family igloo to the Pacific Northwest. Upon entering the lower-48 I learned that other footwear was possible. I tried flippers, ballet slippers, and rollerblades before settling on running shoes. And I’ve never looked back. My love affair with running started out casually, running a few afternoons a week to clear my mind after class, a run at 11:30 at night when home visiting the family igloo [cause it never gets dark in Alaska in the summer, remember that movie with Al Pacino?], a fun 5 or 10K with friends. One day I woke up and realized that this seemingly casual relationship had become something much more. Running had become my therapist, my close friend, and my favorite activity. I’m an engineer by day, and an endurance runner always. I love the never ending challenge of running farther and pushing myself further. I have seven marathons under my belt and am looking forward to finishing a few more by the close of 2011.”

[youtube 7AEQf8Jr2vk]
Kristen F.
“My name is Kristen; I am 30 yrs old, live in the city of Philadelphia and I am a total endurance-aholic. Just over 5 years ago, I was once 130lbs heavier then I am now. I used to be the fat girl, but now I’m the athlete. I work hard and I play hard. I like to run, jump, cycle, swim, weight training and just plain have fun with life. Sometimes I think I’m making up for all the lost time I spent being sedentary. Whatever keeps ya moving, right?”

[youtube k87guy9aBl4]
Kym K.
“I am a mother, a survivor, a daughter and a runner. I run to live, to stay healthy, to encourage, to motivate. I embrace the sport for the courage and challenges it offers, and through it, strive to reach my potential physically and mentally.”

[youtube x9npGgkpVzk]
Mark C.
“A geek/nerd over technology, physiology, and biomechanics, I spent too long in school and got out of shape. Dailymile was a big part of a big life turnaround for me and I hope to give more back by representing the community as a team member. Be safe, healthy, happy, and live with ease. Cheers!”

[youtube Hyci6wCCVno]
Melodie P.
“Runner, fitness, DM enthusiast. Uber big hearted girl! Mom of 3 great boys. Hoping to give back a a lot of the love and encouragement that has been shared with me. Because, that’s what it’s all about!”

[youtube i4rpPSaKL8U]
Mike N.
“I’m a cyclist of 7 years and a newbie runner. I coach swimming, but don’t swim well. I have three blogs and have written 3 articles for the dailymile community blog. I love doing insane workouts and posting entertaining reports. I hope I can inspire and encourage people through service on this team.”

[youtube CIMH_2b6taY]
Peter L.
“I’m a 2010 Team member and am reapplying for Team 2011. As my application video points out, I was heavily involved in getting the dailymile blog up and running (and Kathy S. is doing a great job with it now!), and am now working with Thomas N. on Team sponsorship activities, as well as organizing and obtaining products for our gear testing group. Kathy, Thomas, and I are hoping to grow these initiatives in 2011, and hope to be re-elected to continue our work in these areas.”

[youtube NMh9P6yRXO8]
Rachel D.
“Hi guys! I’m a 23 year-old grad student finishing up my MS in Boston. I study jellyfish mucus, appreciate the art of throwing frying pans, and love anything to do with beer and pizza. Always striving to be generous, light-hearted, and brave.”

[youtube hD5mXvma6mQ]
Ray J.
“I’m a husband, a dad, a software test engineer, a wannabe photographer and a runner. I started running in May 2009, since then have completed 27 races including 3 marathons in 56 days time frame. Glad to find dailymile to share my running/workouts to all my inspiring friends and to stay motivated.”

[youtube y9jisq86cAw]
Logan H.
“I’m the guy that is silly in dailymile posts and serious on my blog. I am still a relatively ‘young’ runner but am constantly striving to push my capabilities beyond my limitation. My goal is show ‘heart’ in all I do related to running. Often I dedicate miles or entire runs to people in need of positive energy as a way of focusing on something other than my own issues. I like being an all-around runner, with speed and distance, but really want to attempt an ultra in the near future.”

[youtube 0J2YztiDkvw]
Thomas N.
“I like to run mostly. I am a pleasant enough guy to hang out with. I have been called creative.”

[youtube pMxPm9m4fHw]
Farra K.
“Ultratrailchick here…I live, breathe, and work running. I work for Running Fit, here in Michigan, and lead up our Running Fit Ultramarathon Team. We train for distances of the marathon and up. I’ve now completed 12 marathons, 1 50k, 3 50 milers, and 1 100 miler – and I’ve only been running since 2005. I am on the Brooks ID program and also a registered Marathon Maniac. Dailymile has become an outreach and an outpouring to meet so many amazing people and athletes. Thank you so much for this opportunity to help spread some DM love! Many thanks – Farra ‘Ultratrailchick’ Karsen”

[youtube 7bhhFiuH4V4]
Vera L.
“I started a local running club in 2010 to spread my passion and inspired 45 local runners to join and train for a half marathon. I know how to bring people together and keep them motivated! I never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people in order to excel!”

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