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A massage therapist’s perspective on barefoot running

Today’s post comes from guest author, Joel Banuelos from San Francisco, CA. If you’d like to be a guest author, email your ideas or stories to editor@dailymile.com Joel is a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in correcting the “physical manifestations of imbalance” that each of us build up in our day to day lives. He works in downtown San Francisco, and has been studying massage for eight years. If you’re an athelete in San Francisco, check out San Francisco Bodywork (yelp). … Continue reading

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Barefoot Running: Ditch Your Shoes, Change Your Gait, An Honest Look at a Tired Debate

The theme for last week here on the dailymile Blog was barefoot running. It’s odd, therefore, that my initial thought was to write a post reviewing my recent experience with four minimalist trail shoes. In mulling things over, I decided to switch things up a bit and write a post that is more true to the theme of the week. Barefoot running does not involve running in shoes. Period. “Barefoot running shoes” is an oxymoron. Period. Barefoot running is different, … Continue reading

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Going Minimalist to Escape Injury: A Runner’s Experience

Hey Dailymilers! I want to start off with a small introduction. My name is Sean Fillner, and I have been running and working out for 20+ years. However, it was not until recently that I buckled down in 2008 and ran my first marathon, the Portland Marathon (PDX), in 4:12. I lost 40 pounds in 2009 and ran Portland again, this time shaving almost 30 minutes off my previous years time (3:42). The following month I ran Seattle in 3:33. … Continue reading

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Alternative Running Shoe Designs: Genius or Gimmick

If, like me, you tend to be mildly (ridiculously, really) obsessed with what you put on your feet when you run, then you’re probably aware that some at times innovative, and at other times downright unusual shoe designs have become popular in the past few years. In this post I’ll review a few of the more interesting shoes out there, and point out a few others that are definitely worthy of recognition (for lack of a better word!). Vibram Fivefingers … Continue reading

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Running Barefoot and in Vibram Fivefingers: New Runner Starts Minimalist

Editors Note: The author of this post, Michael B., is a barefoot/minimalist runner from Los Angeles, CA. You can view Michael’s dailymile profile page, or read more about his running and parenting adventures on his personal blog, the badass dad blog. I didn’t really decide to be a runner. I still hesitate to call myself a runner until I’ve been at it at least a year. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying it more than I ever expected, and since my path to … Continue reading

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