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dailymile poll: Winner of the ridiculous race t-shirts gone wild contest

It may be surprising to some race directors to learn that a certain percentage of the success of their race depends on the quality of their t-shirt design. We’ve all crossed the finish line and gone to pick up the t-shirt only to find out that we just covered all that distance for something grandma could have made (apologies to grandmas who are hip to that). Race t-shirts are scrutinized, judged, examined, evaluated, inspected, and in some cases interpreted for … Continue reading

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dailymile poll: whose shirt is the ugliest?

Our participants in today’s poll are all fighting for chance to be the owner of dailymile’s ugliest t-shirt. Vote for your favorite (or least favorite depending on how you look at it) ugly t-shirt. Vote as many times as you want. The winner gets a free (and stylish) dailymile t-shirt to help offset their ugly running wardrobe. To top off the ugliness of some of the t-shirts, some dailymilers sent along a story to narrate just how hideous their race … Continue reading

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