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Form focus exercises: Train your brain to run better

Although I’ve been a casual runner most of my adult life, I only started entering races in the summer of 2010. (In fact, it was a dailymile friend, now a real world running buddy, who inspired me to start racing. Don’t you just love that about this place?) I didn’t run in high school or college, so never benefited from the advice of a track coach. Published twenty years ago, Running Injury Free was the only such book I ever … Continue reading

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The Power of Partners

There’s something wonderful to be said about a great run on a beautiful day with nothing but the sound of your feet on the pavement, the sound of breath moving through your lungs, and the feeling of strength behind each foot strike. But let’s be real. How often does that actually happen? Exactly. More often than not, if left to my own devices, which I often am, I’m not going to get my butt out the door without a fight. … Continue reading

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My motivation comes with sole.

I’m happy to report that in the week since we’ve last spoken, my running funk has dissipated. Not entirely, but last night I ran a very hilly 8 miles of my own volition, so that has to count for something, right? I’m like a child in that the easiest way to get me to do something is to reward me with something shiny and new. Now, I didn’t actually go buy anything shiny and new, but I realized last night … Continue reading

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Go natural: Spring is (almost) here!

Have you been training mostly inside a gym or at home the past few months? Way back in November, did you stash your outdoor training gear, and haven’t seen it since? Even if you welcome the challenge of a long hard slog through sleet, snow and ice, by the time spring’s here officially, you’ll be just as psyched at rising temps as those who don’t know the wonders of nose icicles.  Yesterday, morning rush hour in Northern Illinois, we were still … Continue reading

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A slump of my own creation.

I’m sitting at my desk staring at the snow that’s pouring from the sky, realizing how badly I don’t want to run later. And how easy it was for me to hit snooze through my entire morning, when I could have been out doing the 8-mile hill workout on my schedule. It’d also be easy for me to blame said snow. But I can’t. Because even if it were 60 degrees with not a cloud in the sky, I still … Continue reading

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Kids on the run: a dailymile community report

Australian Georgie Clarke, inspired by accomplished athletic family members and coached by her father, participated in the Sydney Olympics at the nimble age of 16 – making it all the way to the semi-finals. Also coached by her father, Alana Hadley is a 13-years young phenom who, according to Running Times, “burst on the scene [in spring 2010] when she competed in two collegiate track meets and ran in the NYRR New York Mini 10K against a field that included … Continue reading

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8 transition zone tips to finish a faster triathlon

photo by Dustin Williams It’s like something out of a bad dream: You have the swim of your life, rushing out of the water with tenacity and focus, peeling off your wetsuit as you run into T1. As you prepare to mount your bike exiting the transition, you realize something really, really important: You left your bike shoes at home that morning. As a triathlete, you probably prepare for your swim, bike, and run portions diligently for each race, but … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Store Near You: Preview of New 2011 Minimalist and Barefoot Style Running Shoes

Preview of 2011 Minimalist and Barefoot Style Running Shoes Continue reading

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Creating tunes for the run

We’re excited to welcome John F. (aka. HellaSound) as a guest blogger! Optimal Running Music: How to select music for your run, and use to your advantage Music evokes emotion. It sets a mood; it can psych you up or make you feel at peace. It can help you tap into your drive and inspire you to push when you’re tempted to ease up. We intuitively understand the psychological impact music can have on a run, but there’s a simple, … Continue reading

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Review of the Saucony Kinvara as a Marathon Shoe

The Saucony Kinvara has been one of the hottest shoes on the market over the past several months, and it’s a favorite of a sizable number of runners here on dailymile. What makes the Kinvara unique is the fact that it’s lightweight (7.7 oz in men’s size 9), reasonably well cushioned, and it has a relatively low heel (only a 4mm drop from heel to forefoot). Given these attributes, the Kinvara would historically have been classified as either an extremely … Continue reading

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