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America’s top cities for bike commuting

Want to find out if you live in a bike mecca? Check out this article on America’s Top Cities for bike commuting. Turns out dailymile was founded in one (Madison, WI), and is now headquartered in another (San Francisco)! Be sure to check out the well-being visualization towards the end of the article. It’s no surprise that biking to work makes us healthier, and happier, but it’s nice to have more proof for it! At the top of the list … Continue reading

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Rudy Project: Race kit review.

Rudy Project is an international company that designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, goggles, helmets and a myriad of other sports accessories. Their tag-line claims they create and sell “Technically Cool” gear that it is designed to appeal to the extreme sports generation taking part in high impact activities, all while providing comfort and protection. With that said, I had the great pleasure of receiving and testing a number of products from Rudy Project over the last month. Namely, I recently … Continue reading

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dailymiler of the week: Nicole Z.

Every week we pick one inspiring dailymiler to be featured on the blog. This gives you a chance to learn the stories of members of the dailymile community. Check out past dailymiler’s of the week. Do you know someone that would be a great dailymiler? Nominate them! Nicole Z. and I first got acquainted at the end of last year during dailymile’s super fun Secret Santa gift exchange. I (who knows absolutely nada about competitive cycling) had to find something … Continue reading

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5 tips for bike commuting

Bike commuting can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun and exciting way to get to work. To get us started, we talked to one bike commuter who has been pedaling himself to work for almost six years. Noah uses alternative transportation to get himself around Kansas. Learn about how your commuting can help fight climate change: CLIF 2 Mile Challenge I started bicycle commuting back in 2006, when my car broke … Continue reading

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Save the air, save your health: Commute to work with Clif!

This month we’re dedicating our commutes to healthy air, healthy bodies, and a happier life style (when it’s not raining), and we’re doing it with Clif Bar’s commute challenge. Check out Clif Bar’s 2 Mile Challenge page to find details about how to fight climate change and by avoiding 100,000 car trips, and give $100,000 to nonprofits along the way! Also, dailymile isn’t just for runners (although some may think otherwise). Throughout the month we’ll be featuring plenty of cycling … Continue reading

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8 transition zone tips to finish a faster triathlon

photo by Dustin Williams It’s like something out of a bad dream: You have the swim of your life, rushing out of the water with tenacity and focus, peeling off your wetsuit as you run into T1. As you prepare to mount your bike exiting the transition, you realize something really, really important: You left your bike shoes at home that morning. As a triathlete, you probably prepare for your swim, bike, and run portions diligently for each race, but … Continue reading

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Buying a Road or a Tri Bike: How to Choose

So you want to buy a bike? Great! I’m sure you’re excited just thinking about a shiny new toy sitting in your living room.  But how do you start? There’s a lot to learn to understand what you’re buying. My goal is to put together a series of posts that shares some foundations of general bike knowledge. In the first part of this series let’s look at some of the factors that go into choosing between a standard road bike … Continue reading

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