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Fuel + Fire (#4): Stick With It

In a dailymission last year on favorite motivational quotes, DMers Chelsie and Molly E. picked Winston Churchill’s rousing “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up.” (Also repeated as “Never never never give up.”) The full Churchill speech was given October 29, 1941, while visiting Harrow School after the Blitz during World War II. Snip: But for everyone, surely, what we have gone through in this period, this is the lesson: Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, … Continue reading

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dailymile community snares : 04/01/12

The dailymile community keeps sharing some amazing content. Enjoy! Special 5K | Grade school friends Evan S. and Jeremy C. cross the finish line mere moments from one another at the Coast Fest 5K. They hadn’t seen each other since they were caught passing a note in Mrs. Anderson’s class 10 years earlier. That’s showing her! Dog Daze | Could you say no to this mug? Carrie says that her dog has a special way of letting her know whenever … Continue reading

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dailymile community shares : 03/26/12

Pow! Reading this won’t zap that zero, sorry. But these random dailymilers may just inspire you to get out and do something. Take THAT, creeping case of the Mondays! (G)race Blasts | Clockwise: Lisa C. (in blue below, beaming w/a friend in pink) completed the Mercer Island Half with her tri team. PRing speedsters Alyssa (punching through her first half with 13 straight sub-8 miles) and Angela sprinted through the Oakland Half. Looking strong and cute, and rockin’ that ‘I … Continue reading

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dailymile community shares : 03/21/12

They say an image is worth a thousand words. Race images. Photos of the great outdoors. Inspirational quotes. Other memorable, funny or insightful things recently shared on dailymile. Presented with no particular rhyme or reason or reward. Maiden Sail | Ally S. took an amazing race day photo at the Virginia Beach Shamrock Shuffle Half. Fellow dailymiler Joe M. pointed out something significant about his racing flats: They’re Boston-bound, and this was their first test drive. 6:23 pace. BOOM! Trail … Continue reading

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Fuel + Fire (#3): Fear Not

“I am not afraid.” Those are the words stamped on a necklace worn by Olympic runner Kara Goucher. In a blog post last spring, she reflected on fear, saying: “No matter who you are or what your passion is, trying to do something as well as you can possibly do it is challenging, and with challenges comes fear.” The elite runner certainly knew a thing or two about the matter. Two weeks later she’d line up to race in the … Continue reading

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dailymission redux: DMers design (stellar) shoes

Last week, Nike launched a new shoe. From New York to Florida to Maryland and beyond, sole-less earthlings invaded shopping malls across the nation. Brushing past police braced in riot gear, these frenzied folks were on a singular mission: Grab the Galaxy (basketball shoe). Jumping Jupiter. The stellar kicks are apparently so out-of-this-world that even Nike itself doesn’t mention the supra natural things on its company site.  (Check it out for yourself. Search for ‘Galaxy’ over at Nike.com and see if you have better luck than I … Continue reading

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Fuel + Fire (#2): Mind Over Matter

When I started up casual jogging in my 20s, I was surprised how hard it was to run more than a couple of miles at a time. When I wanted to increase my distance, my body balked and screamed, “I’m tired and cranky! My [insert various body part] hurts!” Mentioning this to a girlfriend (a steady runner),  she suggested, “When you think you can’t run anymore, just keep going…” Can it really be that easy? I gave it a try. … Continue reading

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Get out the vote! (For the 2011 dailymile team)

For the past week devoted dailymilers were asked to participate in the 2011 team application process by putting together a video about why they want to be part of this group. Then on February 6th, 82 dailymilers submitted their videos to be posted for the entire community to see. Yesterday, voting opened and if you’re a dailymiler, you can go VOTE for your team leaders. Vote for five people that you think strongly represent what you believe the dailymile community … Continue reading

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Farra K. (aka Ultratrailchick)
dailymiler of the week

Farra flashing the dailymile gangster sign This week Farra K. (aka Ultratrailchick) stood out above the rest in the land of dailymileroftheweek (I think it has something to do with the fact that she came up with a gangster sign for dailymile). (KS) You’ve had a really successful 2010 with some amazing PRs. How did you handle training? (FK) This year has definitely been my PR year, and I think I have my running friends to thank for that. I … Continue reading

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Help us find the dailymiler of the week!

We’re adding something new to our Fridays and featuring a dailymiler each week that has done something amazing, and we’re looking for help finding these folks! The best part about dailymile is getting to know people in the community that share an interest in running, cycling, or swimming (or all three!). There are so many interesting and inspiring people in the community that we thought it was high time we start to show our appreciation for all they do. All … Continue reading

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