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They’re here, dailymile’s ugliest feet!

The thrill of victory! The agony of de-feet! After a week of voting, we have found two pairs of feet that have proven to be the ugliest in dailymile history. Our runner up is Curt Fischer! Curt’s feet have been through a lot to bring him the glory of getting second place in our first ever Ugly Foot contest. Congratulations, Curt! At the end of the day it was Jodie Borgerding’s husband who was crowned king of podiatric homeliness. Jodie … Continue reading

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Barefoot Running: Ditch Your Shoes, Change Your Gait, An Honest Look at a Tired Debate

The theme for last week here on the dailymile Blog was barefoot running. It’s odd, therefore, that my initial thought was to write a post reviewing my recent experience with four minimalist trail shoes. In mulling things over, I decided to switch things up a bit and write a post that is more true to the theme of the week. Barefoot running does not involve running in shoes. Period. “Barefoot running shoes” is an oxymoron. Period. Barefoot running is different, … Continue reading

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Running with the Rarámuri

Today’s post is from our guest author, Nick Coury. I have had few experiences as fun, inspirational, and profound as my time spent with the Rarámuri (Tarahumara) of the Copper Canyons in Mexico. I have run the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon three times. This report is an attempt to pare down, blend up, and squeeze out an experience that could fill volumes. The race itself is 51 miles (47 prior to 2010) starting at the small town of Urique in the … Continue reading

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Barefoot running week – FTW

Barefoot running week was such a huge success that we couldn’t contain it to just five days, so we’re extending it just a bit to fit a few more amazing posts about barefoot and minimalist running. Plus, we have to announce who won a copy of Chris McDougall’s book, Born to Run, right? We have posts today from a member of our dailymile community, Nick C., who recently ran the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon in Mexico. We also have one of … Continue reading

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Ride up the canyon: A dailymiler’s account of getting to the start of the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon

This week has been all about barefoot running. We’ve heard from major brand shoe companies, elite athletes, best selling authors, dailymilers, and Caballo Blanco (who cannot be contained in a label). Today we’re featuring a story from a dailymiler who went back to where the barefoot running story all started for a lot of us, the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon. Raymond Danks plans to run the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon more than a couple times. This is one of those races that … Continue reading

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Stop running in those shoes!
An interview with Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run

I am not a barefoot runner. There, I said it. In fact, I used to be a staunch critic. When I first heard that people were running around barefoot in the park I judged, big time. Who were these crazy people and why weren’t they concerned with getting blistered, bruised, cut, and stubbing their toes? Then those weird shoes came out, the ones with the cut out toes and the rubber soles that look like they belonged in the planet … Continue reading

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Run light and smooth: an interview with “Born to Run” star, Caballo Blanco

When Logan H. (aka Unarunner) first approached me about doing an interview with Caballo Blanco I thought, “how the hell am I gonna find that guy, didn’t it take months for Chris McDougall to find him?” I voiced my concern to Logan and he replied, “isn’t that what Facebook is for?” And wouldn’t ya know it, Caballo Blanco and I became fast Facebook friends. However, the stories of Caballo going sans internet for months at a time are true. I … Continue reading

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