Question of the week: are you a bobber or a stander (running in place)?

Do you run in place at the red light?

I’ll be honest, when I think about running in place at the intersection while waiting for that little greenish blue man to flash, I giggle a bit. The idea of it reminds me of an 80s workout video. All those people running in place, channeling their inner Jane Fonda.

It seems that the running community has been split into the standers and the bobbers. This dichotomy has caused fierce judgement on both sides. The bobbers seem to embrace their extra calorie burning ways by not letting a simple red light get in the way of their morning run, while the standers maintain a prideful stoicism steeped in patience.

Perhaps if I get some leg warmers and put my hair up in a side pony I’ll feel comfortable enough to run in place at the stop light, but today I label myself a stander.

What about you? Are you a bobber, or a stander?

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