Martin P’s Photo Album

I know Martin P. because his name tops off my leader board every week. Take a look at his training stream and you’ll see why. Martin is running 250 marathons in 2010 to raise $250,000 for Right to Play, benefiting children all over the world.

martin's training

Martin does most of his runs near his house in Calgary, but also does a few marathons around the states. As you can imagine, he sees a lot of funny stuff along the way and loves posting his photos on his dailymile profile. I asked Martin to pick out his top ten photos, and he pulled together some winners.

Killer Hail
Killer Hail (

Cochrane cemetery No Exit
Cochrane cemetery No Exit (

wash cycle
Wash cycle (

big ears
Big ears (

umbrella bush
Umbrella bush (

wooden husky
Wooden Husky (

toy story bandaid
Toy Story Band-Aids (

Mr. Canoehead (

windows moment
A “Windows” moments (

imp loves worldcup
Imp loves the World Cup (

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