dailymile and Garmin Upload: Sync Your Miles

Garmin Forerunner 310XTToday brings with it the arrival of a long-awaited feature on dailymile – the ability to sync Garmin GPS devices and upload workout data from your Garmin device directly to your dailymile profile.  To say that I’m thrilled about the new Garmin import feature would be an understatement. I’ve been a Forerunner user for over three years, and I love analyzing the data collected on the Garmin. I’m also a big fan of dailymile. It’s a great site for socializing with other athletes and sharing stories about running, fitness, nutrition and life. Importing activities from the Garmin will enhance my ability to track my runs on dailymile and share them with the vibrant dailymile community.

Garmin is great for collecting data

The Garmin Forerunner series of GPS-enabled fitness monitors are more than just your average stopwatch. They collect a ton of useful data, including pace, heart rate, elevation, calories burned, lap times, and lots of other interesting information. What’s more, the accuracy of the Garmin monitors in measuring things like pace and distance far exceeds other non-GPS fitness monitors on the market. If you’re serious about training, then you probably keep score, track your progress, and log your workouts. There’s no better tool for automating the collection of data about your training than a Garmin fitness monitor, and now with Garmin sync in dailymile, the process of getting your workout data into your training log is easier than ever.

Cool tools for analyzing data

While the Garmin watches collect a ton of great data, it would be hard to analyze on such a tiny device that straps on your wrist. Luckily Garmin made it possible to upload activity data to a computer, and there are a number of ways that data upload can be accomplished. Gamin Training Center is a good starting point for analyzing your data – it allows you to chart your activities and monitor your progress as you improve your performance. There are also some good web sites like Garmin Connect that allow you to view your GPS track on a map. SportTracks is a fantastic, free, PC-based training log that allows you to analyze your fitness data in very sophisticated ways (ability to upload directly from SportTracks to dailymile is coming soon!). What’s missing in all these tools is the ability to share and compare your data with your friends in a user-friendly and meaningful way.

Garmin Forerunner 305

dailymile is social

I started using dailymile over a year ago. I love dailymile because it’s social – people on dailymile are enthusiastic about life and they inspire others by sharing their knowledge and telling their stories. Dailymilers are also athletes and competitors, and tracking progress is integral to what we all do here. That’s why I’m so excited about the Garmin import feature – Garmin + dailymile is truly a perfect combination.

Social analytics

dailymile has always been a great training log. The weekly training report is a big motivator, your training history page provides a graphical display of your workout data (including the number of doughnuts that you’ve burned!), and the leaderboard inspires everybody to keep up with their friends. The social aspect of logging your training on dailymile is a huge motivator and it’s what makes dailymile better than competing sites that only allow you to analyze yourself.

Nobody else does it like dailymile

dailymile with Gamin import is the best thing going. You can easily import your fitness data and analyze it on the well-designed dailymile web site. You can also share your data with your friends. By integrating Garmin data, dailymile has combined data analysis with an outstanding interface for social sharing. No other site has a streamlined combination of great analytics and social sharing like you’ll find here. If you have a Garmin and are looking for a place to log your workouts, go ahead and give us a try – signup is free and there’s no obligation to stay (but I suspect that you will!). If you’re already a dailymile member and you don’t yet have a Garmin device, I highly recommend them – check back here in the coming weeks and we hope to post a comparison of the various Garmin devices that are out there.

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