Razzyroo headband review

Razzyroo headbands

This week we have a gear test for the ladies (and style-ey guys who have long hair out there). Razzyroo headbands are for the “Sassy Sporty Gal.” They’re headbands made to keep your hair back and not slip off your head while you’re running a race. They’re pretty stylish too!

Kristin K., Krista L., Haley C. and I got a chance to test them out. Here’s a little about our gear testers:

Kristin K. is from Madison, Wisconsin. She’s a runner and triathlete and her favorite race was the Ironman Wisconsin that she completed in 10:44. Kristin runs about 40 miles a week, which increases dramatically if she’s training for another ironman. Kristin will be competing in Ironman, Hawaii this year.

Krista L. is from Madison, Wisconsin. She is primarily a runner and just set a PR at the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon (3:58 and change). She loves running in compression socks or calf sleeves, and logs about 35 miles per week.

Haley C. is from Portland, OR where she claims she hasn’t PR’d yet because she is new to racing, but not new to running. She loggs 15 – 20 miles a week and usually wears her favorite Icebreaker running tights and socks while she’s doing it. Haley recently completed her first marathon, the Portland 2010.

I’m Kathy S. and I’m from San Francisco, CA. I’ve been running for about five years and recently ran my second fastet marathon at the California International Marathon (my favorite). I log about 40-50 miles a week and I do it wearing my hot pink nike running jacket. My next race is the American River 50, and that’s my first ultra!

Gear reviews on dailymile are pretty standard. We vote using a sliding scale on various aspects of the piece of gear and then provide some comments.

1: Fit – 1 (totally off) through 5 (like a glove).
Kristin: “Each of the headbands I tested fit very nicely. Because of the elastic piece on the bottom, I think they’d fit any size head pretty well. The only thing I noticed was that the thicker headbands didn’t lay quite as nicely on my head as the thinner ones. But overall, definitely a great fit.”

Krista: “I’m actually really impressed with the fit. I usually struggle with headbands like this and spend the whole time tugging it back on and into place. I found myself doing it out of habit with this, but I didn’t need to. It even stayed put after my workout when I was laying on the couch.”

Haley: “For the most part, when they say they don’t slip, they aren’t joking! Doesn’t pull your hair like some of the plastic no slip headbands do.”

Kathy: “Was a little tight, but I’m sort of paranoid about having tight things around my head. But these headbands didn’t give me a headache, which is what usually happens when I wear headbands. So that’s a plus!”

2: Style – 1 (for little girls) through 5 (makes me look fast).
Kristin: “Of the three headbands I tested, I loved just one of the fabric patterns – it was simple both in design and colors. I didn’t really like the others – one was pink and the other had colorful polka-dots – seemed a little juvenile for my tastes. But I gave a headband to my best friend’s 10-year old niece to test and review, and from the three options she gladly snagged the polka-dot one. So it’s all about personal preference. In terms of general style, I like the look of the headbands. I think they provide a little style for your standard workout outfit…very sporty spice. I have a pretty big forehead, though, so I’m not sure it’s a great look for me. I think they look best on women with small to medium sized foreheads.”

Krista: “I thought they were pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind some solid colors – maybe black – but otherwise I’m kind of a fan of wild hair accessories on race day.”

Haley: “I’m more of a solid color, no nonsense headband kind of girl.”

Kathy: “Not sure if it makes me look fast, but it’s pretty!”

3: Function – 1 (doesn’t work) through 5 (totally works).
Kristin: “Worked nicely to hold back my hair from my forehead. No fly aways!”

Krista: “I have bangs, so I always battle with keeping them off my face, but this worked great. I liked the wider band (as opposed to the smaller one) because it worked better at holding my bangs back without looking silly.”

Haley: “I’ve got short hair, so the thinner headbands didn’t keep my hair out of my eyes. The wider one was okay. Although if it had been windy I think I might have gotten hit in the eyes with my hair. Probably not a problem for people with long hair. :)

Kathy: “I have the curliest hair ever and I can imagine it posses a challenge for any headband. This one definitely worked well. Didn’t slip back on my head at all and not one hair slid out from its clutches.”

4: Warmth – 1 (too cold) through 5 (too hot).
Kristin: “Doesn’t provide any warmth, but I wouldn’t have thought the product is designed to do so. Definitely had to wear a hat over my headband while running around these parts (Wisconsin).”

Krista: “They’re not meant for warmth, but I can easily slip my own hat over the bands.”

Haley: “The headbands don’t have any ear coverage. That was my biggest complaint with these headbands is how cold my ears were. I don’t think they’re designed to cover your ears, but that’s part of why I wear headbands in the winter time.”

Kathy: “Not to be worn for warmth, these headbands are for style and function. That said, I ran in winter weather with them and slipped a hat on over the top of the headband. It didn’t feel bulky or awkward.”

Check out all the styles of headbands at Razzyroo.com.

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