Gear Review: Yurbuds Ironman Series

Today we have two reviews of the Ironman Series Yurbuds. I’ve been there before, and I know a lot of you have also: on your run when one (or both) of your headphones conks out on you. It usually happens about 3-6 months into their lifespan. It’s for this reason that I continually buy cheap headphones. I know that buying the cheap brands doesn’t make much sense logically because quality is an assumed compromise, but I’ve struggled with expensive brands before and ended up in the same predicament. It just never seems like these brands can combine comfort with durability. When teammates Adina Gillepsie, and Melodie Pullen decided to review the Yurbuds Ironman Series, I was pretty excited to see if this brand could stand up to its namesake.

“Worth the Price Tag: Combining Style, Comfort, and Durability” by Adina Gillespie

I was excited to have an opportunity to do my first gear review for a couple of reasons. I’ve had trouble with ear buds in the past, getting sweaty and falling out, or losing sound quality. I switched to a cheap $10 behind the ear headphone, but I was on my second pair in just a few months after losing sound on one side. They also rest in the same place as my sunglasses, which gets to be uncomfortable at times. Also, premium earphones such as Yurbuds aren’t usually in my budget, so this was a unique opportunity for me. This is ordinarily something I would not have purchased without testing first.

When my Yurbuds Ironman Series Earphones arrived in the mail, I was first impressed with the contents of the package. The package included an extra set of rubber earpieces (yurbuds), and a carrying pouch, which is the perfect size to also hold my iPod. I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine that the extra set of yurbuds might attach to any ordinary earbud.

The package comes with great “quick start” instructions, so it was easy to determine how the Yurbuds “locked” into the ear. I was surprised at how secure they felt. I even tugged on them a bit. They do not come out unless you twist them out. Satisfied, I took the Yurbuds out for a five mile run to test them out. It was a hot day, but even thought I was drenched in sweat, they stayed in place. I also noticed that the cord, which I thread down my shirt keep it out of the way, seemed to have a rubbery texture that gave it some grip. This seemed to keep it in place. The cord did seem a tad longer than my other ear buds.

The sound quality of the Yurbuds was great. One unexpected feature of the Yurbuds was the ability to hear ambient noise. On my route, I started to realize that I was hearing the occasional vehicle that approached me from behind. I began to test this hypothesis by turning up the tunes. Yet again, a car approached and I wasn’t startled like I usually am with my other earphones.

These Yurbuds have many hours of in-ear use now and I am still quite satisfied with their performance. As I stated above, this product would ordinarily be out of my price range with a retail price of around $50. But, considering the numerous earphones I have purchased over the years in my pursuit of comfort and durability, I do see the value in this product. Bottom line: There is a difference in earphones and these are worth the extra cost.

“Hype vs. the Real Thing” by Melodie Pullen

I first saw Yurbuds online, somehow, not sure how the recommendation came up or where. But it peeked enough interest that I looked into the company website to see what the hype was about. I was intrigued. Shortly there after, I stumbled upon them at the Cleveland Marathon, and contemplated purchasing them, but was hesitant because it was a bit more expensive of an item for me, not knowing for sure if it was worth it.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try a pair of the Yurbud Ironman Series ear buds.

Upon arrival, I was anxious to rip into the box. Inside was the ear buds, which are shaped like a normal set of IPod buds, but with a longer cord. The longer cord is nice especially when you wrap it through clothes or have a tendency to accidentally pull on the string when you run, it gives you more leeway. It also came with the unique rubber coverings that make Yurbuds what they are.

The rubber coverings are super soft, and they grip well in your ears. When you put them in, they feel like they are a little big, mainly because I am so used to cramming ear buds in with hopes they don’t fall out. So, having these sit in your ears, verses being pushed in, already felt more comfortable. The rubbery grip, makes them stay in with no worry, even on the hottest of days and sweat.

Now, my husband has had a heck of a time with headphones. He has had just about every type he can try. All fall out or hurt. So, I made him give them a try too. With no surprise, he now snags them from me whenever he steps out the door for a run.

Another note worthy quality, because the rubber coverings have a funnel type shape that goes into the ear canal, I believe this is what helps give them such great sound quality and allows you to still hear what is going on in your surroundings. Including upcoming traffic, and the sounds of nature.

Also included in the package was another set of rubber coverings, and a little carrying bag. But, one of the things I really enjoyed the most, were two cards with motivating and empowering statements. That was a really cool touch! Yurbuds as a whole is not just about making a top quality ear bud, but they focus a lot on inspiration, and encouragement of being healthy and active. I admire that in this company.

So, are Yurbuds all they are hyped up to be? My thoughts, definitely. Are they worth the money? Yes. They truly are what they claim to be.

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