dailymiler of the week: Lou Ann Williams

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52-year-old Lou Ann Williams has the right attitude when it comes to running success. She never compares herself to others. Instead she measures achievement in terms of self-improvement. “I don’t expect to be the fastest,” she reports, “but I always try to beat my last time.”

Williams began running about two years ago. In that short time, she has competed in two marathons. Finishing the first of the two 26.2-mile events stands out in her mind as one of her greatest athletic accomplishments. “I was slow,” she admits, “but I finished. No one can take that away from me. It was an awesome feeling!”

With full-time work and a husband and 6-year-old son to focus on, Lou Ann has decided, therefore, to concentrate more on the half marathon this year. The time it took to train for her marathons is just too hard to fit in now. She doesn’t have definite plans, but is eyeing the nearby Richmond Half Marathon which will be contested later this year. She’d also like to run a half marathon with dailymile friend Lisa C. of Seattle someday. “Lisa texted me during a hurricane,” Williams recalls. “She’s been such a good friend.”

Speaking of dailymile, Lou Ann has much to praise. “It keeps me accountable,” she says. “It makes me want to work out and post my training.” She knows that whether any particular session is successful or a bomb, her dailymile family will understand. Williams, who has DM friends from across the U.S., feels a true connection to each of them. She cares about their training and successes. She senses their care for her as well. She counts it a blessing to have met many of these virtual friends in person.

Williams has made a number of mistakes during training. She learned the hard way to practice fueling during long workouts so race day nutritional management comes more naturally. She also erred in the area of speed work. She skipped it early on and it hurt her. It is now a regular part of her regimen. “If I don’t sweat or breathe hard,” she says, “I didn’t do it right.”

No matter what kind of workout she’s doing – running, spinning, riding her recumbent bike – Lou Ann pushes herself. She gives 100% to better her performance, aiming for the next PR. She lives and runs always with this mantra in mind: “Hit the ground running!”

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Mike Neifert is an avid runner and cyclist who lives on the plains of Kansas. He works out mostly in the early morning hours before the sun comes up. He drags his wife and kids along on runs and rides whenever he can. He's run a 50K, but not a marathon. He wants to ride 200 miles in a day sometime soon and plans to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours in November 2012.
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