Post #300: why dailymilers “rock!”

We’re marking milestones this Monday morning on the dailymile blog. This is our 300th post since we began writing two years ago. That’s 300 stories about running, racing, cycling, swimming, staying motivated, staying healthy, finding new routes and races, encouraging each other, celebrating our victories and getting past our failures. Most importantly, it’s been about you, the dailymile community!

To celebrate our 300th post, we’ve been asking for reasons why your dailymile friends rock. Did you fill out the form?

Today we’re collecting responses from the dailymission, so if you haven’t yet, tell us why your dailymile friends rock. Our goal is to have 300 responses by the end of the day.

Here are some of our favorites so far:

  • Because they are humble, supportive, and hilarious!
  • They high five you when you’re up, encourage you when you’re down and motivate you to work harder every day!
  • The amount of coaching and advice they give out for free is priceless, it would cost you hundreds of dollars to get that type of support from a dedicated coach.
  • They “get it done” no matter what. They are positive, driven people and I feel as if we are all part of a big extended family.
  • Because with out their encouragements, examples, and support, i would be sitting around eating brownies rather than starting training for my first ever marathon!
  • Dailymile friends are always there with words of encouragement to cheer on your accomplishments, support you through the tough times, and keep you motivated to keep working out!
  • Because they are the best darn people on the planet.
  • They are always there to boost my spirits when I’m being too hard on myself, they encourage me to believe I can accomplish my goals & they remind me to enjoy, relax and run for the love of running!
  • I love how encouraging all my fast friends are to an old, slow broad. It’s amazing and inspiring to see their times, but they never talk down to mine. That’s how my friends rock!
  • No longer am I the psycho brain in the normal crowd, I’m one of many normal brains in the psycho crowd
  • Because I would be a fat lazy turd without them. For real. Nothing but LOVE for y’alll!!!!
  • Because they do…. end of story

Check back later tonight for the full list of why dailymiler rock!

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