Five tips to have a safe run

Today one of our regular contributors to the blog, Mike N., posted this image to his dailymile feed. It illustrates the correct attire for men to wear when they’re out on their training runs.

It’s sort of a no-brainer, but with the rise of ninja runners, it’s still important to point out the affects male runners have on women runners when they’re dressed in head to toe black. There’s just no way around it, if you’re a woman out running by yourself and you see a man approaching wearing all black, you’re going to be suspicious. We’re (at lease I was) taught from a very young age to have some degree of marked defensiveness when a man approaches (particularly at night and especially if he’s dressed like a ninja). If you’re a kind, gentle, and loving man, this probably sounds silly, but my mom watched a lot of Dateline.

Something I struggle with, however, is that as a runner I feel a little bit invincible. I can probably out run most of the creapsters that linger in the woods of Golden Gate Park, but I’d rather not take my chances. Living in the city, I’ve been able (forced) to cultivate some tricks for running through the streets, and especially the parks. Here are my five tips for running safe:

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