Find Your Strong Project: Week 7 Spotlight

Week 7 of the Find Your Strong Project asked the community to share a time “When I was stronger than I thought”. One of the week’s winners – Sean L. – found his strong with just 3 hours of sleep at the NYC half, and joined us below for a Q&A:

‘Because I only had 3 hours of sleep, I was about to give up on the NYC half but ended up running a 1:46 and achieved a PR! ’

Sean and his fiance

What was so important that you only got 3 hours of sleep before the NYC half?
I had to attend the wedding of a close couple down in Delaware.  I initially registered for the NYC half marathon prior to being invited, so I didn’t realize I had this race the day after!

How’d you pull through?
Before the race I had several thoughts running through my head to either quit and sleep in or to just run it at a very slow pace and finish.  It was a tough decision but a friend I was running with persuaded me to just do it.  I guess because I was enjoying the scene, soaking in the crowd and energy which helped me run the race without feeling tired.  There were people cheering and bands playing throughout the entire run – who knew cowbells could give you such a rush?

How were you feeling afterwards?
I was feeling great! The adrenaline and the energy from the people kept me pumped!

How did you reward yourself? With sleep?
I rewarded myself with food.  I love and enjoy eating so that’s my favorite thing to do after a long run.  Pizza is my go-to.

Finishing his first half marathon

What was your previous PR?
My first half marathon was the United Water Half Marathon in NJ 6 months prior, and my time there was 2:18.  My wife who’d only trained up to 8 miles ended up blowing me out of the water by 10 min (she’s a great runner!)  Since then, I’ve started training intensely with a friend incorporating speed work once a week and improved my time by 32 minutes.

Your goal is to run a marathon on your profile. Are you planning one in 2012?
My friend/training partner is trying to persuade me to run one with him this year.  I’m most likely going to try to run one in the fall or next spring.

Do you train with friends or alone?
I train with two friends, Kevin L. and @FernRuns, who live in the area.  Both are great runners so they have been helping train me since I first started running about 11 months ago.

Sean and his friend/training partner Kevin L.

How did you first get in to running?
I used to be into lifting weights 1-2 hours a day, then my friend Kevin L. and my fiance at the time introduced me to running.  After I started running, I totally stopped going to the gym, cancelled my membership, and it became my new passion.

On a scale of 1-10, how big a part of your life is running?
I run about 3-4x a week including the crucial long runs every Saturday morning.  This means I’m sacrificing my Friday night outings in order to wake up at 6:30am to finish my run while people are still asleep.  So based on that I would say it’s a… 10.

Tell us one thing you love about dailymile.
I love that it allows you to track your runs and graphs your total mileage.  It’s the first social running site I’ve signed up for and stuck with.

Where do you think you’ll first show off your new Kinvara Drylete Sportop? 
Probably in the fall when it’s a bit cooler – perhaps my first marathon ;)

Thanks to Sean for his time, and congratulations to all of the week 7 winners! You can find all other submissions at

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