Find Your Strong Project: Week 6 Spotlight

Week 6 of the Find Your Strong Project asked the community to: “Show us your post run reward”. The submissions ranged from photos of pizza and beer to coconut water and chocolate milk. One of the week’s winners – Kristin H. – made a particularly special treat (for a new PR), and joined us for a Q&A below:

Kristin's Post Run Reward: "A shiny new PR deserves a cookie of equal impressiveness!"

That’s one big cookie. What’s in it?
A dash of sprinkles and probably way too much sugar!

Were you able to eat it in one sitting?
Absolutely! Nothing works up an appetite quite like running.

Is the PR cookie a “thing”, or was this an isolated incident of cookie indulgence?
The PR cookie is not really a thing, but indulging after a big race or a good run is not something I shy away from. I have a terrible sweet tooth. I’ll take a chocolate chip cookie any day of the week.

Which PR were you celebrating?
I was celebrating my 5-mile PR. Leading up to the race I dealt with a lot of self-doubt. Not only was it the middle of the summer and terribly humid, but it was the first time I’d be racing an old PR since it was my second 5 mile race ever. Talk about pressure!

Here’s a tough one: Can you explain what running means to you in one sentence?
Running means possibilities. It makes me feel limitless, like I can do anything. (Sorry that’s more than one!)

How did you first start running?
In high school running was punishment. In college and afterwards it was something I did on the treadmill for 10 minutes at a time three days a week. Then, one day almost two years ago my fiancé asked me to go on a jog with him outside. I couldn’t even fathom the idea of not running on the treadmill and being able to control my pace and stop when I wanted to. Somehow, though, I got out the door and 30 minutes later I was back home, having just run 3 miles straight for the first time in my life. You really have no idea what you’re capable of if you don’t give yourself the chance. Now I’m hooked!

What’s the longest you’ve gone without running after becoming a runner?

Earlier this spring I was injured with shin splints and had to take six weeks off from running. Even after healing I had to start from scratch, switching from running 60 mpw pre-injury to one or two miles at a time after I healed. Injuries definitely ravage your mind and your body.

Do you have any races coming up? Any specific goals?
Since I still consider myself in recovery from my spring injury I am taking the summer off from racing. This fall I have some exciting things coming up, however, including the Baltimore Marathon, a Tough Mudder, Ragnar Relay, and the coup de grace of my 2012 racing season: the JFK 50 Mile Run in November.

What has been your most proud sports-related moment in 2012?
Hands down, the best moment this year has been crossing the finish line at the Mid-Maryland 50k in February. Only one month prior to that I ran my first 50k and my first trail run ever. It was the most challenging race I’d ever run, mentally and physically, but I came into the Mid-Maryland 50k feeling much more knowledgeable and ready to tackle the course. I ended up knocking over one hour and 10 minutes off of my previous 50k time and even landed a top ten women’s finish. To top it off, that day in February marked the passing of exactly one year since my first 5k ever. Being able to go from 5k to 50k in 365 days was a great feeling!

Your twitter profile says ‘On a 100 mile mission, one step at a time.’ How close are you?

So far I’ve completed two 50ks and I’ve got a 50-miler slated for the fall. Hopefully 2013 will be the big year to run 100. I’ve been looking at Umstead and Old Dominion as options for the spring and possibly Oil Creek if I have to wait until next fall. The most important thing going forward is to remain uninjured. My dream race is the Western States.

Thanks to Kristin for her time, and congratulations to all of the week 6 winners! You can find all other submissions at

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