Find Your Strong Project: Week 5 Spotlight

Week 5 of the Find Your Strong Project asked for images from our favorite sights along our running routes. One of the week’s winners, Megan C., submit this wintry scene and joined us for a Q&A to talk about seasons, accountability and running in costume:

Megan's favorite sight along her running route

Looks cold! Where is this?

This is in Pure Michigan! Although we are blessed with seasons, we also must endure the snowy and cold winter.

What other sights are on this route?

In the fall, the trees are beautiful when the colors change. There is also a road I can take that leads me to the river, which is nice to listen to! From time to time I do see some wildlife – once a deer crossed my path!

Which season is your favorite for running?

I think that fall is my favorite time to run – the temperatures are perfect and the scenery is gorgeous!

Megan with family and friends pre-race

When you have the choice, do you prefer to run with friends or alone?

I actually enjoy both – so it depends on what my goal is! Easy and long runs are great with others, but if I’m working on speed or tempo runs, I’d rather be on my own. Ultimately it depends on everyone’s schedules!


What’s your favorite part of sharing your training online?

Accountability! Knowing that I’m putting it out there means that I need to stay up on my training. I also love sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with others – and love seeing their running journey unfold!

Are you adding anything new to your routine of recent?

I will soon be adding another day of running. My goal is 3-4 days, which is more than I’ve done in the past. With a full marathon on the horizon – I need to get my running legs ready!

Megan in pink at the finish line of her first 25K

You just recently finished your first 25km race?

Yes, and it was tough! I learned a lot of lessons – yet was extremely proud crossing that finish line. I started off too fast, which did me in earlier than I would have liked. We also had higher than normal temperatures – which certainly didn’t help! However, mental toughness is huge and is what ultimately pushed me through!

A recent post over on your blog “Running Toward the Prize” talks about runDisney. Why are they such great events?

Disney knows how to entertain! I think that having support and entertainment along the course is what makes the miles go by quicker and keeps a smile on your face throughout the entire race! The participants range from elite runners to run/walkers and everyone is having fun! There is really a race for everyone.

Have you ever run one in costume?

I haven’t. I’ll admit it – I personally don’t like to wear costumes, however seeing other people in costume is so fun! It shows how fun running can be!

Lastly, are you looking forward to your new Kinvara 3s?

I have been eyeing these shoes for months – so I couldn’t be more excited! I’m also very interested in the lower heel drop and am anxious to see how that helps my running!

Thanks to Megan for her time, and congratulations to all the other fifth week winners! You can find each week’s submissions at

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