Find Your Strong Project: Week 12 Spotlight

Week 12 of the Find Your Strong Project asked the community to share a picture of our race medals and trophies. Some were big, some looked edible, and others were shaped like… cattle? Josephine shared this unique bovine medal and she joins us for a Q&A below about running for cows (and her goals for 2012 and beyond):

My best medal because it's shaped like a cow! (I've only got about 4 & they are all traditional shapes so that makes this one extra awesome)

Nice! Is this one on display at home?
Currently it’s not on display. I’m searching for just the right way and just the right place to display my race bling!

How did the race go?
The race was tough, both mentally and physically. It was a very hilly, residential and rural course, and I did not expect all of the hills. My allergies were also quite bad since the race started near, went through, and finished on a farm! Despite all that, I ended up PR’ing by 35 seconds.

Josephine at the 'Race for the Cows'

Did you pass any cows along the route?
I passed a bunch of cows! 1/4 mile in to the race the course took us through about a half mile of the actual farm and then finished with a sprint through the a barn and up the hills where the cows graze.

What does a “run for the cows” mean?
The race was called the ‘Redding Road Race, A Run for the Cows’ because all of the proceeds went towards the New Pond Farm’s educational programs for children and adults (it was the first annual).

You’ve already completed your 2012 goal of running two 1/2′s, and now plan to race more. What’s next?
Next up for me the the Paine to Pain trail half marathon in October in New Rochelle, NY. I’m looking to shave 30+ mins off my half marathon PR. After that I’m not sure, but hoping to do a few more half marathons in 2013 and maybe a full marathon.

Can you tell us about your blog, entitled the “Plant Based Runner”?
My blog is attempting to be a resource for all runners – especially plant based runners and runners interested in plant based eating – on nutrition and fueling for runs and races. Plant based is essentially eating more plants (fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, beans) than not. I’m working on more recipes for pre-, during and post-race foods, as well as product reviews.

NYC half finish line!

You’re also keeping a “race bucket list”. Is there one you’re particularly excited for? 
I’m very excited for Paine to Pain, and it’s just in my backyard. I volunteered the past two years and seeing happy, excited runners emerge from the woods scraped up, dirty, covered in mud (though not like mud race covered) and smiling always gets me pumped up. I’m also looking forward to running the SF marathon – hopefully 2013 will be my year for that.

What’s the most fun running-related activity you’ve done in 2012? 
Does buying new gear count :) ? I had a lot of fun at the NYC half. It was my first half (2nd race) and running through Times Square was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

What has been your most difficult run of 2012? 
Hands down the most difficult run of 2012 was the Brooklyn half marathon. It was a short 2 weeks after the Run for the Cows. The days and weeks leading up to it were cool, but race day was warm. I couldn’t stop coughing, sneezing, wheezing and my eyes were all itchy and watery – notice a trend? Spring allergies and I don’t mix well! I wanted to quit a few times – almost quit a couple times – but fought the overpowering urge to find a bench and call a cab.

Are you excited for your new pair of Kinvara 3′s?
I’m very excited to test them out and see what they’re all about. I hear good things and I’m grateful to have an opportunity to try them!

Thanks to Josephine for her time, and thanks again to everyone who participated in the #FindYourStrong project! A recap of all submissions and of each week’s winners can be found at

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