Find Your Strong Project: Week 11 Spotlight

Instead of spotlighting just one of the winners for Week 11 of the Find Your Strong Project, we’ve decided to spread the love and spotlight some of our favorite submissions! Week 11 asked the community to “Show us your Saucony”. Here’s how we responded:

Sara: I love to hate it and I hate to love it...but at the end of the day (and a good run) makes me happy. Going to my favorite spot again tonight...

Josh: Saucony has gotten me through 3 half marathons, a lifetime PR in my latest one, three XC seasons and a 3rd place finish for my team at state. My Wave Riders are a thing of the past and only got me through a few 5K's. Love my Kinvaras!












Morgan: I rocked my Mirage's in our engagement photo's because they helped me come back strong from a 9 month injury hiatus and PR all my goal races this year so far!

Mick: Is it obvious I love Saucony?

Daniel: Me finishing Ironman South Africa 2012 in my Saucony Kinvara's. Probably the toughest Ironman race every due to weather - 69km/h gale force wind, rain,12C, BIG surf for the swim & wrenched quad on the bike. Never Quit!!





Brodie: If you can't beat 'em. Blind 'em!

Heather: I don't get to wear my visipro jacket much now on runs. My son does as he rides in the running stroller when we go out.

Erin: Big Peach Ladies Night and Fashion Show!











Nancy: My Saucony shoes after the Color Me Rad 5k in Virginia Beach last month. (You should see the rest of me - just as colorful!)

Derick: I'm already fully outfitted by Saucony. Even the shades are Saucony!

Maureen: Crossing the finish line at the Soldier Field 10 Mile with a shiny new PR! My mom was able to spot me in the crowd by looking for my bright orange Sauconys :)










Brenda: This is my 1st 1/2 marathon at Disney Feb. 2012 in my Saucony Pro Guides. My inspiration was my sister who ran with me and encouraged me to get healthy and take care of myself. I found my strong and lost 45lbs!


Thanks to everyone who participated in Week 11! You can find all other submissions at

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