dailymile community shares : 03/26/12

Pow! Reading this won’t zap that zero, sorry. But these random dailymilers may just inspire you to get out and do something. Take THAT, creeping case of the Mondays!

(G)race Blasts | Clockwise: Lisa C. (in blue below, beaming w/a friend in pink) completed the Mercer Island Half with her tri team. PRing speedsters Alyssa (punching through her first half with 13 straight sub-8 miles) and Angela sprinted through the Oakland Half. Looking strong and cute, and rockin’ that ‘I Run With FAST Women‘ t-shirt (proceeds benefit Amer Cancer Society), Maggie W. and Kelly W. showed what style AND substance are, both completing Chicago’s Shamrock Shuffle 8K at sub-8 pace. WTG, all!

Sweet Moves | Wendy M. showed her candy-coated politic by treating the Shenandoah Valley Runners banquet to these sinful Watergate Cupcakes (vanilla cake with chocolate chips, topped with a pistachio dream-whip icing). Bet they were disposed of…fast.

Ultra Gods | How cool would it be to run on Greece’s heavenly Mt. Olympus (‘Mountain of the Gods’)? Such a feat requires a race worthy of it, and June’s Olympus Mythical Trail 100K will deliver in spades. And hurdles. Dimitris T. shared a sliver of what to expect in a pic from last year’s test event in the Agasternes region exploring the 100K’s feasibility (run with Lazaros Rigos, technical director of the new ultra-race). The Gods are pleased.

Dirty Century Girl | And speaking of 100 — miles, that — Denise M. is attempting the distance for the first time, running this weekend’s Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run. Trail shoes broken in on a recent 32-miler, wishing her a top notch time out there!

Beached Beauty | After the storms rolled through, Leah shared last night’s gorgeous California surf with dailymilers. She said there was a rainbow, too. Aaaaah.

Pear P(r)ic | Texas-based Middalia W. shared a mass of prickly pears and bluebonnets running along Bushy Creek Trail. No view like this from a treadmill…just sayin’.

Saucony Kitty | Yours truly posted a pic of the happy arrival of new gear. It didn’t take long for someone else in the house to call dibs on the box by rubbing his whiskers on it.

Colorado Rock(in’) | Donna Aka Lola B. beautifies an already stunning vista on a recent hike with a friend, trekking 3.4 miles (don’t you just love how we’re always sooooooo precise about our mileage? lols) to the top of Arthur’s Rock in Lory State Park.

Spin Cycle | For everyone excited to be getting the wheels out again after a long winter’s storage, Kris R. posted one of the best cycling vids I’ve seen…evah.

Washed Out |  Melanie B. showed us how a powerful rainstorm can swallow a favorite running path. The Louisiana trails are even worse than this, she said, being completely water-logged and unusable. Sniffle.

Hope it dries out for you guys, soon!

Glorious Gent | Clockwise: Kevin L. (middle runner, bib #3239) grins all the way to sub-7 pace glory in Austin’s Statesman Capitol 10K.

That’s how it’s done, folks.

Just Rewards | In answering yesterday’s dailymission question (“How do you treat yourself after completing a major training goal or race?”), Keith H. posted the following photo, saying simply: “This should cover it.” Yep. No disagreement here.

What were your fav dailymile shares?

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A Midwest-based digital journalist, author and 2011 dailymile team ambassador, Ilona loves trail running, forest hiking, road biking, open water swimming, free weights, meditation and yoga. Aiming to balance her love of motion with the sedentary and still pursuits of research and writing, she hearts dailymile because it keeps her moving, laughing, learning and growing.
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