March Miles Madness: The challenge to end all challenges

March Madness is upon us, and for those runners who find themselves planted in front of the TV watching the game more often then getting out on their training runs, here’s a challenge that will keep you motivated during this month long sporting event. This year we’re breaking up the challenge into two groups: a mens division, and a women’s division. (It’s honor system here folks, don’t join the wrong gender’s challenge!) Thanks to Jason V. for his creative genius. Jason created the March Mile Madness last year to celebrate running and basketball!

The challenge has been organized into a six round tournament and the winner has got to be prepared to excel in a range of ability from speed to endurance. Here’s the rundown:

Round of 64+: This is our open round, anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate. This round is an easy one: run as many miles as you can from March 17th (today) through 22nd. The top 32 will advance to the next round.

Round of 32: (Invite only) Runners participating in this round will be judged on the 5k distance. The 16 runners with the fastest times will move on. 5k runs must be completed (and posted to dailymile) on March 24rd, 25th, or 26th. Sixteen runners will move on.

Sweet Sixteen: (Invite only) Another distance challenge! Runners who complete the most distance between March 27th through March 29th will advance. Eight runners will move on.

Elite Eight: (Invite only) As we narrow the playing field, this group will be responsible for running fast! The four runners who complete the fastest 10k will advance. Just like the speed distance for the round of 32, the 10k distance must be completed and logged between March 30 and April 1. Four runners move on.

Final Four: (Invite only) One last distance challenge (see a trend here?). The final four runners will have two days to complete this challenge (April 2nd and 3rd). In those two days, you will have to run as many miles as you can. Only two runners advance.

Halftime: (Invite only) We’ve come a long way to find our maddest runners and now they have to duke (my duke reference is in no way meant to refer to any school participating in 2011 March Madness) it out on April 9th and 10th by running the fastest half marathon. It’s simple, best time wins!

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for the challenge! Men’s Challenge or Women’s Challenge

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